Sincere sincerity, “Have You Had Enough,” the latest offering from indie New York pop-rock duo Beau, shows songwriters Heather Goldin and Emma Jenney as melodic and evocative as ever. Both deliberate and dreamy, “Have You Had Assez” paints a precise picture of the tensions and good intentions that coincide in a romantic quarrel. “I can’t sleep when you’re mad at me / I want you,” Goldin’s mellow tone rises in sincere plea.

The second single to follow Beau’s debut album in 2016 This thing reality, “Have You Had Enough” reinforces the group’s sonic transition from stripped-down rock to more embellished indie pop, as first seen in their energetic 2020 single “Dance With Me.” Rather than sacrificing any of the band’s sensibilities, the departure serves to expand the foundations built in their early years, showcasing their distinctive talent for creating tender and enchanting songs in a new light.

“You’ve had enough,” co-authored with Simon Oscroft (The naked and famous, Aces, almost Monday) and Nick Brown (Soccer Mommy, Shots, HAERTS) and produced by Brown, is Beau’s second HeavyRoc Music release. LADYGUNN reached out to Beau to see what they’ve been up to lately and to discuss their new music.

The couple of you discovered your sense of art at a young age. When you think about it now, what do you want to accomplish through your work?

We hope to make some honest and interesting music to listen to. We try to make the production and the melody of a song resonate with each other and serve its purpose emotionally. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the process of building a song, so we really try to make every part as real as when we play it with just a guitar and a laptop.

Since the release of This thing reality, I know you performed quite regularly in New York in addition to writing music. How does it feel to be back with new material, and how would you say you’ve grown since your first album?

We have grown technically, of course, but the writing remains the same. We love the new material and are proud of it. It is an atmosphere of departure from This thing reality, but we think the emotion and the subject have been pretty much true throughout. It’s just another springboard to get to know us.

Your last album “Dance With Me” is such a fun track, and that meant a change in a new sound for Beau, from acoustic and folk rock to a more electric and indie pop rock. Is there a specific reason – or influence – that has led you to pursue this new direction?

We wanted to go all out and explore this fun song. We didn’t let our past stop us from trying new musical things. This song was asking for more production, so we gave it to him.

In your new single, “Have You Had Enough,” Heather sings, “Honestly forgive me we all have these bad dreams / You’ve had enough,” which I found intriguing. Can you elaborate on “bad dreams”? What is this music about?

The song is about struggling to properly evoke an emotion and the pain that accompanies misunderstanding. Forgiveness seems more and more important to give as you get a little older, and at the time of writing this song we were learning exactly that. “Bad dreams” refer to a negative experience and how it ends up turning into a bad dream.

What does the Beau’s writing process look like? Do you each write alone and then flesh out songs together, or how is the responsibility shared?

It is constantly evolving. We have no right or wrong way. We are both songwriters working together. All we know is that the collaboration always ends up being the best song.

I understand that your mothers are both painters and that you grew up in New York, immersed in a scene saturated with artists of all kinds. Are you personally interested in mediums outside of music?

We love to play and paint and immerse ourselves in many areas that our friends and relatives have inspired us to explore. We always like to find new ways to express ourselves. Currently in this pandemic, we are really interested in cooking and gardening.

What have you been listening to, reading or absorbing and enjoying lately?

Listen to a mix of journalists, Nicolas Jaar and Bjork. Also great in Sylvan Esso and Arlo Parks. Reading Auschwitz tattoo artist and poetry by Mary Oliver.

I think it’s safe to say that 2020 has been a relatively hectic year for everyone. What are your hopes for this year?

In addition to wishing everyone’s safety, we hope to be able to tour again, of course! Hoping that 2021 is better.



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