Michael Owen showed Sadio Mane how to finish at half-time of Liverpool vs Chelsea

Michael Owen showed Sadio Mane how to finish at half-time for Liverpool against Chelsea. Liverpool lost their 5th straight game at Anfield on Thursday night as Chelsea scored them 1-0.

Mason Mount scored the only goal of the game in the 1st half to tackle the Reds to another loss.

In all seriousness, Liverpool created tiny during the 90 minutes.

And they used 87 minutes to record a shot on target. A gentle head of Georginio Wijnaldum was easily saved by Edouard Mendy.

However, they could and should have taken the lead in the 1st half.

Mohamed Salah’s shiny ball over the summit sent Sadio Mane clear of the eyeball with Mendy.

The Senegal international did all he could to steal the ball the first time around, but all his attempts were wrong and Mendy was able to muster.

Michael Owen was not happy with Sadio Mane’s efforts

Former Liverpool man Michael Owen was not so happy with Sadio Mane’s efforts.

The Englishman was working to cover the game as a master for Optus Sport.

It’s no news that Michael Owen has been very smart during his career in goal.

Michael has scored so many goals. And he was arguably the best finisher in the world in his prime.

Even with the fact that Michel Owen is 41 years old and retired so long, he decided to prove to the world what Sadio Mane should have done for his luck.

He asked Steve Bower, a presenter to throw a soccer ball at him, and then he recreated what Sadio Mane did.

Michael Owen asked Steve Bower to return the ball to him. However, he showed what Sadio Mane should have done this time around.

It really made television brilliant.

Audience comment:

“What a finish. Sherwood had absolutely no chance.

“To be fair, Owen is right.”

“Mane was completely wrong with his technique and he inflated the best chances of the game for Liverpool.”

“If Owen was in a similar situation, even though he’s 41, he might have buried him.

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