Adidas launches meter-long “baguette sneakers”; Internet users have a day in the field

International shoe maker Adidas has caught the internet’s attention with a bizarre trend known as ‘baguette sneakers’. Created in collaboration with Estonian rapper Tommy Cash, they are one-meter sneakers or extra-long sneakers. The trend went viral as soon as the rapper shared a few photos on his social media.

Tommy Cash wears the “world’s longest shoes” in two of his Instagram posts. The trend is all the more bizarre as the pair of shoes includes a black shoe and a white one. These shoes have at least 40 rows of lace holes to keep the shoes secure to the feet.

A Twitter user named Pop Base shared the footage, saying, “Adidas unveils its longest shoes ever, in collaboration with Tommy Cash.” This was followed by several retweets and a discussion between Twitterati about the wacky trend.

Internet users got some really fun take on the trend. From the longer life of the graphic to the weapon of choice for mothers to upgrade, here’s how netizens responded:

Now that’s a take

Why does Adidas sell chopsticks?

How do we walk in there, hmm

What are these sneakers even?

Perfect punishment for my child

Mom’s weapon of choice just got upgraded

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