College Basketball Gambling Guide – 03.06 –

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By Tim Birkmeyer

This. Is. March. Well, although it’s March, it’s not March, right? We’re in the last weekend of the regular season for college basketball with a few conference tournaments going on. The tickets will be punched, one of them was punched because northern Alabama is ineligible, and the bubbles are going to burst all within the next week. This is when we need to be as specific as possible, so let’s look at the table.

I haven’t played much myself, but I can always offer you a few choices. In fact, when I wrote last time, I played the top four picks instead of making each individual bet because I didn’t want to bet a lot. And, of course, this was a team that won one of my least favorite games of chance: Guess Who Ruined the Parlay? It was UVA. Stupid UVA. You’ll never love yourself, love yourself, and you couldn’t beat Duke? Either way, there are some decent matches today, a top 10 match and some conference tournaments to enjoy today. As always, I’m going to bring you five pieces that I love, so let’s get to the choices!

* Note / Disclaimer: I am no gaming genius. Please make my choices carefully and bet responsibly. Also, these are lines from the day before, so they may be a little different. *


Start the day with some underdog action as we take the Brethren to beat the Wildcats. Providence is still that team that pulls off a few upsets right now, runs a shallow run in the conference tournament, and then is the sexy 10-seed team when it’s time to fill your hooks. It happens almost every year and my brackets break because I fall into the trap. But, Villanova lost a key player to injury, Connor Gillespie, recently and has lost 3 straight road games. Villanova knows they’ll be either 3-4 seeds, so there’s not much for them to gain by winning today, probably since they’ll win the conference tournament quite easily. So let’s go brothers!

ILLINOIS (+2.5) at OHIO state (-107)

Illinois is getting hot at the right time, and they make it the last few games without star player Ayo Dosunmu. They hit the road in Michigan the other night and won by 23 points in a dominant performance, and will continue their winning streak against ranked opponents this afternoon in Columbus. Ohio state is in the wrong direction, losing 3 straight games (okay, two of them were Michigan and Iowa, but still). I don’t think Ohio St. can bounce back today and Illinois can now see the No.1 seed in the Big Ten tournament from the next few days.

A-10 SEMI-FINALS PARLAY: ST. Louis ML and VCU (-1) (+230)

The good news is that the A-10 has the top 4 teams playing in the conference semifinals, and neither of them are likely good enough for a blanket bid, so there won’t be any snipes. at the end of this conference. The first game is Saint-Louis (4) and Saint-Bonaventure (1), and I like the Billikens to pull off the backlash. They beat the Bonnies in their only game this season and are a bit more consistent offensively as the Bonnies score is a roller coaster. In Game 2 it’s Davidson (3) and VCU (2), but VCU are the best team in the conference, they just played one game less than the Bonnies. Last week Davidson beat the Rams, so I’m going with revenge and the “we’ll beat you when it counts” mentality for VCU.

DUKE and UNC MORE THAN 150.5 points (-107)

Both of these teams are in the bubble and have years of hindsight, but the good news is they can still score a bunch of points. Also, usually when these two teams are playing, outscores him. Their first game was 91-87. It’s the one game that every team really wants to win, so of course they almost do every shot possible. These two teams are averaging around 75 points per game, which would be right here at the end, but a team wbad score over 80 for sure, and I don’t see the other one completely collapsing and scoring under 70, I think that’s a safe choice.


The West Coast Conference tournament is underway in Las Vegas, and it’s the last game of the night. The tip is scheduled for 11:59 am, but you know anything is possible with tournaments. A game takes a little longer and / or goes into OT and it delays the prognosis. This game could legitimately switch around 1:00 EST, so we have to play it, and Pepperdine scoring over 77 points is the game. The Waves are averaging 76 points per game this season and we’re not betting that late. We’re going to be stuffed with drinks and pizza and on the couch the last thing we want to do is bet a penny.

And that will do it for this week’s College Basketball Game Guide! What are your choices? Do you want to ride with me or melt my games? Do you have a LOCK for today? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter and let’s have fun, bet responsibly and make money!

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