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Mark Cuban Fireside’s New Podcast Platform Goes Forward

And his NBA team, the Dallas Mavericks, now accepts cryptocurrency as payment.

Corner of the fire is Mark Cuban’s new podcast business. The new app is in beta testing and has been reviewed by a number of people. At the same time, Mark Cuban announced that his The Dallas Mavericks NBA Team will accept cryptocurrency as payment for tickets.

Since declaring last week that the Dallas Mavericks will accept Dogecoin as payment for team banknotes and merchandise, the team has now boasted of being the world’s largest cryptocurrency merchant. Mark Cuban tweeted on Saturday that in just two days his team had completed over 20,000 Dogecoin transactions.

The Tweet read: “The @dallasmavs have completed over 20,000 #Dogecoin transactions, making us the BIGGEST #DOGECOIN DEALER IN THE WORLD! We all thank you and can only say that if we sell an additional $ 6,556,000,000 worth of #DOGECOIN from Mavs derivatives, #dogecoin will DEFINITELY reach $ 1 !!! “

Mark Cuban explained his decision to have the cryptocurrency accepted by the Mavericks, although he has been a blockchain skeptic in the past, in a statement. The reason, he said, was “a very important and overwhelming reason, because we can!” Because we can, we chose to do it. We chose to do this because sometimes in business you have to do things that are fun, engaging, and hopefully generate a lot of PR.

He also tweeted: “To all of you who are excited about #Doge. Relax. It’s Fantasy Sports for Crypto. It’s fun to play with. The communities that have been built around are fun. Like sports, fantasy or whatever, some people go to the sea. It happens. Be young. Enjoy.”

It’s unclear what the team will do with the cryptocurrency. Are they going to keep it as an investment or just sell it for money? And would it be an SEC violation if Mark Cuban were to invest in cryptocurrency service companies.

As for Fireside, the new podcast app was founded by Mark Cuban with Falon Fatemi. It describes itself as a socially responsible social platform whose aim is to make discussion, debate and speech in a public forum a thing of celebration and beauty. It is described as a cross between Spotify’s Anchor software and Clubhouse.

Don’t bother trying to see it again. The app is only available in beta for invited parties. It is not clear how to become someone worthy of the invitation. There is no word yet on when people can expect the official launch of Fireside.

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