Pulitzer winner Pearlstein ends Washington Post column

Steven pearlstein

Economics columnist Steven pearlstein, who won a Pulitzer Prize for his 2008 columns explaining the financial crisis, ends his column in the Washington Post.

Pearlstein writes: “In recent years I’ve sometimes heard myself say the same things to editors or readers who write with a column suggestion. I find myself revolving around the same subjects, the same sources, even the same metaphors and sentence constructions. I stubbornly refused to participate in social media, which, for better or for worse (mostly for evil, I think), is now an integral part of how journalists report what’s going on, participate in the conversation. public and let readers know what they’ve done. written.

“My journalistic metabolism these days is better suited to a weekly magazine than to the 24/7 news cycle, while my natural instinct to avoid writing about topics everyone else is concerned about. The written world ignores the demanding realities of digital publishing. And in a polarized political and media environment, I am not a reliable champion of either tribe. It’s time to hang up.

“So this will be the last of my irregular columns for The Post. After 33 years, I have managed to outlive four editors, five editors, and six corporate editors, and have been fortunate enough to work alongside hundreds of incredibly talented colleagues in a conference room. truly remarkable writing. I owe a lot to the countless economists, business and labor leaders, management consultants, politicians and government officials who took the time to tell me what they know and to teach me about business and economics.

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