Lessons on running a family business from Cristalle Belo Pitt of Belo Group

Belo Group is one of the best known companies in the Philippines, thanks to its founder, famous doctor and businesswoman Dr Vicki Belo. As the business continues to grow, there is a lot to learn from Belo Group Managing Director Cristalle Belo Pitt on how to run a family business.

Love the company

Many businesses run into trouble after the kids take over because they don’t know how to run the business or just don’t care. That’s why it’s really a good idea to instill a love of the business in the kids so that they work harder to make it grow when it’s their turn to run the business.

Photo credit: Cristalle Belo Pitt

Cristalle loved the business even as a teenager.

I knew I was passionate about the beauty industry when I was in high school. I was hanging out and helping my mother in her fifty square meter clinic, providing refreshments to the patients in the waiting room. I loved the atmosphere because everyone left the clinic feeling beautiful, happy and grateful!She remembers.

Learn the ropes

Running the family business isn’t just about smiling customers and offering them refreshments, of course. This is why Cristalle learned the ropes of running his business.

When I got to college, my mom encouraged me to use the business as a case study whenever our professors allowed us to choose the business we would like to work on., “she explained.

It gave me a deeper insight into how the business was run and allowed me to explore the different departments at Belo. It was my mother’s way of slowly integrating me into the business.

Study and use the company for its growth

Although they own a cosmetics business and her mother is a renowned doctor, Cristalle is not. Although her mother wanted her to be a doctor, she was more interested in the business side of the business than in being like her mother. But it has contributed a lot to the growth of the company.

Photo credit: Cristalle Belo Pitt

Teamwork, honesty and respect

In many businesses, problems arise because the owners strive for the biggest share or think they are better than the rest. According to Cristalle, teamwork is important. Most importantly, everyone should be honest and respect each other.

She revealed that their mother never micromanages their work. They are free to do whatever they want because their mother is convinced that they can do it. This is how Cristalle also treats his brother Quark, the director of the company.

Photo credit: Cristalle Belo Pitt

Instead of micromanaging it during our commercial shoots, I let it do its magic and see what comes out of it. My mom is the same with me, she never manages a microphone. I actually have to run after her to get her to sit down so I can update her with what’s going onShe shared.

Family culture at work

Many might think that working as a family is difficult and that employees may feel uncomfortable. But Cristalle said it was really great to have a family culture at work.

Photo credit: Cristalle Belo Pitt

Employees like to feel like they are part of a family. They spend most of their day at work and I think having family values ​​present in the office kind of makes them feel like they’re part of it too.», She explained to Gossip.

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