Review of Elite Sports Men’s Plain Gray Crossfit Shorts and Gym Bag

For our long-awaited collaboration with Elite sportsI have been invited to review a few of their products. The first part will be a review of their crossfit shorts for men, and the second part will be a review of their versatile gym bags. Please follow along as I give my honest opinion on these two essentials of the gym.

Sublimation plain gray crossfit shorts for men elite sports

Movement. It’s the first word I think of when I’m about to go to a Crossfit class. Crossfit prescribes several different ranges of motion in a workout, and for this reason your attire is of the utmost importance. You want to wear something that can move with your body, so the sagging, tightness, and elasticity of your outfit is very important. The Elite Sports Men’s Crossfit Shorts are made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex, so they’re definitely breathable for a heavy workout, but they’ll also stretch with your body no matter the angles of your workout.

My only negative comment on this product concerns the pockets. Make no mistake, pockets are a great thing to have, even at the gym. However, the zippers have a hard material covering the grip and I could imagine running my hand or arm over them in the middle of a Crossfit workout. I think if they had a minimalist fabric-like material rather than the plastic cover it would minimize the risk of any scratches or scratches in the middle of my workout. I could see enough suede lace or ribbon like material. On that note, while pockets are great to have, if these shorts are meant for heavy-duty Crossfit or martial arts workouts, maybe pockets aren’t necessary at all.

I can certainly appreciate the stretchy waistband as well as the fabric waist tie. If you are in the clothing and gym equipment industry, you need to think about the people you are selling to. Everyone’s shape is different, and their belt design accommodates people of all sizes. If you need it to stretch to fit, it will; if you need it to tie, you have it. These shorts are true to size, so choose what you would normally do when purchasing a pair of shorts. Just keep in mind that the belt and waist tie allow a bit of flexibility in this area. As if the shorts aren’t comfortable on their own when it comes to material and size, you can adjust them to be even better for YOU.

For the quality and functionality of the shorts, I think the price tag of $ 23.99 (USD) is definitely worth it. These aren’t just your everyday basketball shorts. While they can function as basketball shorts, they are much more than that because of their material and durability.

Elite Sports Gym Bags

In my opinion, the type of gym bag you use is completely up to your needs for your workout. For example, I like to do basketball exercises like my cardio workout, so I need to be able to carry a water bottle, basketball shoes, a basketball, and a ball pump (right at case). This Elite Sports duffle bag responds more to these needs.

This bag has a symmetrical design with zippered pockets on both long sides of the bag and a zippered cavity on both short ends. On the one hand, it has a zippered cooler pouch which I guess is for a water bottle. I have a 32 oz. Hydro Flask and it barely fits. Since this is a Hydro Flask, I probably don’t need the insulation so if you have a thinner water bottle that isn’t already insulated or other items that need to be kept in the cold, this would be the place for them.

For someone who uses the gym as an important part of their routine, this bag would be perfect. There is a zippered pocket on the top which would be ideal for a rolled up towel. There is a pocket on a short end of the bag which would be great for changing clothes. There is another outdoor pouch on the other short end of the bag for a pair of sneakers. This gym bag is for the ultimate sportsman. On the other hand, for someone who goes to the gym to use the treadmill and only carries a wallet, phone, keys and a water bottle, this bag is not ideal. .

One of the best features of this bag is that it works as a gym bag OR backpack. If your bag is lighter one day, you can use the gym bag strap, and if it is over-padded the next day, you can use the backpack straps. This sports bag really has it all.

For the size and versatility of the Elite Sports duffel bag, the price of $ 59.99 (USD) is right. It fits a wide range of lifestyles and has a clean design to boot.

Fashion is also important.

As a designer, I will always say that “form follows function”. These two elements definitely follow this notion. They’re designed for the activities they’re meant for, but they still have a modern aesthetic that connects with gym goers of all ages. The materials perfectly match the purpose of the product, but at the same time, there are many color options to meet your desires. If you like these types of sports products, you can also check out their other website. Born Tough. They sell more trendy products for your trip to the gym.

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