God’s Appointed Times – TRANSFORMATIVE

One day Satan entered a snake; pretending to be what he was not, he began his assault to steal Eve’s peace. In her innocence, she was naive to evil. Neither she nor Adam thought to stand guard against possible threats to the integrity of Eden. Failing to protect the Garden God appointed them to rule over, they also failed to guard their hearts.

Satan is like a master angler who enters quiet waters and in the peacefulness begins to work his fly rod with its beautiful lures.

Skillful in flicking his wrist, he casts words, like flies skimming across the surface of your brain that look vibrant and enticing and your thoughts follow them. With a casual pause, the fly rests on the surface of the waters; like the fish, you take the bait, unaware of the hook hidden within the beautifully hand crafted lure.

It feels exhilarating as you run. But the hook has set and the master angler plays you, loosening the fly line to give you your head.

Oblivious to his presence, in his appointed time of darkness, with patience, he begins to reel you in. Exhausted, your resources expended, you remain unaware you’re his captive. 

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