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Autism, disease or not?

Autism is not a disease. No autistic child is crazy. Parents of a child with autism should not hide from their friends and relatives. Today it has been observed with great anxiety that the words “autism” or “autism” are used to intimidate someone. This article comes from the heart of my heart with the goal of changing our mindset on autism.

What is autism?

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder in which affected children have difficulty in social communication and exhibit a particular type of behavioral abnormality. Different children with autism have different types of symptoms, but we can identify autism by looking at some common criteria.

How to diagnose?

Some of the children with autism may exhibit particular stereotypical behavior doing the same thing over and over (such as clapping, jumping, spinning on their feet). Others may have speech and language problems called echolalia (which means speaking the same word or phrase again and starting over like a bird).

Children with autism can also have developmental delay such as inappropriate mental age below normal. Suppose a 14 year old can act like a 4 year old. The fundamental characteristic of autism is the difficulty of social communication. Children with autism cannot play or share their desires and interests with others. They generally prefer to be alone in their own world. They feel uncomfortable in any gathering or crowd.

Some children with autism have hyperactive behavior, but it sometimes happens when the environment is unfavorable for them. They can cause injury or injure others. Sometimes hyperactive children can scream and do nonsense that might embarrass their parents.

How to deal with autism?

Parents of an autistic child must first be convinced of this autistic child. An early diagnosis is the key to success, they are neither guilty for their child, nor cursed for having the management of these children. When a child is born, parents should carefully monitor any abnormalities during the child’s first year, such as their smile, crawls, eye contact, vision, hearing, etc. If the child has a delay or an abnormality in any of these areas, the parents should take him to a doctor.

Management should be started as early as possible for the best result. Since the symptoms are different for each child, the treatment also varied depending on their needs. Specialized school is compulsory for their development. Regular follow-up and counseling at home make the child calm and peaceful.

The family environment is another important issue for these children. A life of routine is necessary for children with autism. They should be motivated in advance for any new unwanted situation or break in their routine so that they can mentally prepare. All family members should give them quality time as it is not just the responsibility of the family. ‘a mother.

Children with autism may need physiotherapy, specific language therapy, occupational therapy and of course psychological counseling. Usually all of these therapies are provided by the special school. In a special school, they have the chance to have accompanists with friends and teachers, which in turn is necessary for their development.

Finally, we can say that autistic children are also part of our society. So we should not avoid them because they are not harmful at all. We all need to develop a positive mindset towards these children and their parents, 15 percent of children now born with special need. We must therefore accommodate them and accept their particular behavior, because only then can we dream of a better future for our society as well as for the nation.

-Dr. Sonia sultana

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