Activities and games that grandparents and grandchildren can enjoy together

Spending time with grandchildren is one of the greatest joys of grandparents. They have worked hard to raise their own children and now is the time to spoil the next generation. Without the stress of a career and other responsibilities, grandparents can now take the time to focus on bonding with their grandchildren.

While younger grandparents can be a lifeline in childcare and other useful tasks, not all families. Memory loss and loss of dexterity are often the first signs of aging. Either way, with a little thoughtful planning, there are plenty of activities and games that grandparents and grandchildren can enjoy together.

Realizing that one is getting older can be a challenge both for the person concerned and for the children they have raised. Accept that you are uncomfortable leaving young children alone with older family members or that it is time to consider a retirement home can be difficult. Understanding Safety in Family Homes for Adults is a major concern for all family members.

Pick up flowers – If you have flowers in your garden, this is a great place to start. Otherwise, take a walk through a flower market and give them a budget and a theme. You can then make floral arrangements, wreaths or squeeze the flowers to keep them.

Picnic – Eating out is a lot more fun than having to obey good manners and etiquette. Head into the park with a selection of finger foods and enjoy a moment of relaxation, nibbling and reading books or taking nature walks.

Play cards – With so much electronics available and parents juggling a million tasks, kids don’t always have the opportunity to spend time playing simple games like cards. Very small children always love classics like Memory or Go Fish, while older children can learn to play cribbage, blackjack or poker.

Scrapbooking – Creating a scrapbook with the grandchildren is a great way to keep memories. It’s fun to go wild with glitter, stickers, and metallic pens. Kids will also love having permission to cut out old magazines or photos. It can be an ongoing activity that grandparents and grandchildren do together, helping to create and preserve heritage memories.

Video project – Older kids will love an excuse to access their phone or tablet. As parents, you will probably be amazed at what children can accomplish with basic video editing. Ask your children to think of any interview questions or recipes they can ask their grandparents. It can be a one-time project or a series. We have no doubts that this is something they will cherish forever.

Audiobooks – Seniors with low vision may find it difficult to bond with their grandchildren during the above activities. Audiobooks are a fantastic way to create a shared experience and have a topic of conversation when done. There is audiobooks for all ages and interests, with some children’s classics lasting half an hour while larger books can be split into multiple chapter sessions.

By cementing the bond between generations, you can encourage lifelong memories while helping young and old to improve their cognitive functioning. For older people with dementia, strong, cohesive relationships can go a long way in helping people live more fulfilling, happier lives and bring acceptance to their situation.

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