PREVIEW: Utah Jazz VS Boston Celtics

With the NBA All-Star break in the books, all teams are aiming to end the shortened 2020-21 season on a strong footing. Most teams entered the break after playing around 36 games, so they only have a lot more to climb the ranks to the top of their respective conferences. If this season looks like last year, the top spots will be in the air until the end of the regular season. Many teams will want those extra 10 regular season games when all is said and done.

Currently, the Utah Jazz have the best NBA record at 28-10. There are a handful of teams within a few games of return, which makes every win extremely valuable in separating from the field. While the Boston Celtics aren’t exactly the current favorites to win the Eastern Conference, they’re a young, solid team who can put some of the best teams to rest over a 7-game streak. So the Jazz-Celtics game on March 16 is the one you should mark on your calendar, as it could be a preview of a final game of two young, but very capable teams.

On Tuesday, February 9, these two teams met at Vivint Smart Home Arena in Salt Lake City where the Jazz crushed the Celtics 122-108. I’d like to say it was because of the home court advantage, but what’s more about the comfort of your own home and familiarity with the weather and the weather? This time around, the Jazz meet the Celtics at TD Garden where the home team won 70% of the time. The Jazz are the best team in the NBA to come into this game in terms of a record, so their road winning percentage isn’t too bad at around 63%. As far as I’m concerned, the game looks like an even match on paper, but there certainly is. outside sources impacting the outcome of this game.

In a recent post-game interview, Shaq told Donovan Mitchell that he “doesn’t think [he] has what it takes to take it to the next level. Mitchell’s response was one of familiarity. He’s fueled by the doubts people have about his potential since he was drafted, and that’s just another log on this fire. In more recent events, it turns out that the two Utah Jazz players eligible for the All-Star game were the last to be selected. During the team selection process, Lebron commented that no one ever chose Jazz when they played video games when they were younger, and maybe that had something to do with it. to do with it. Lebron may have thought he was shedding light on an unfortunate circumstance, but he ultimately motivated an already dangerous basketball team to keep them from qualifying for the NBA Finals this year. It is important to say that betting is an integral part of these games. Many fans appreciate the extra excitement they get from it. However, you can easily bet on the wrong team / player and lose money. Even though bets are never 100% safe, there is an opportunity to bet more safely. You can view the latest game scores and collect data. In addition, there are a lot of NBA betting guides which provide a lot of important information such as betting strategies, breaking NBA news, odds comparison of top sports betting companies etc. with such great guides and all the data they provide, you will be able to learn something for sure and even earn money on this game.

This game seems to be close to the final buzzer. However, in my opinion, the Utah Jazz have all the fuel they need from their enemies to destroy anyone on their way to success after the All-Star break. Considering all the circumstances of this game between the Boston Celtics and the Utah Jazz, I think the Jazz are the most motivated they have been throughout the season and will get another definitive victory over the Celtics. It will be fun to watch without a doubt.

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