IoT News – Webee’s Codeless End-to-End Solution Authoring Software Democratizes IoT

Webee and Semtech Simplify LoRaWAN® connectivity for the growing market of low power IoT applications.

WeBee’s Codeless End-to-End Solutions Builder running on Microsoft Azure, running on LoRaWAN® protocol and leveraging Semtech LoRa® devices simplifies enterprise IoT use case development, including industrial remote monitoring, smart agriculture and smart cities.

The LoRa devices have been pre-integrated and work immediately, including the LoRaWAN network server. In addition, the Webee platform provides unique tools to accelerate and facilitate IoT, including no-code cloud services, visual drag-and-drop integration, and natural language request functionality. The Webee solution recently won the M12 Microsoft Venture Fund Female Founders Award for Best Business Software in the United States.

Analyst firm ABI Research estimates that total non-cellular LPWA connections in 2026 are expected to reach 1.3 billion, with LoRa expected to account for a quarter of all LPWA network connections and more than half of all non-cellular LPWA connections.

To date, the Webee solution is in production with over a dozen corporate customers, supporting data collection from over 300 different types of sensors running on the LoRaWAN protocol in industries ranging from agriculture to industrial manufacturing.

Alistair Fulton, Vice President and General Manager of Semtech’s Wireless Sensing Products Group, said:

“Customers with complex connectivity issues turn to Semtech’s LoRa devices, but customers still need help getting their IoT projects off the ground quickly and efficiently. Webee’s Codeless End-to-End Solution Builder powered by Azure makes it very easy to build IoT solutions using LoRaWAN connectivity. “

“Webee removes technical, time and cost investment barriers for organizations to successfully move their IoT projects from POC to production in manufacturing, industry, agriculture , supply chain and smart cities. said Lucas Funes, CEO and co-founder of Webee.

Tony Shakib, Azure IoT Partner / Managing Director, at Microsoft added:
“Using Webee’s Visual IoT for LoRaWAN, customers can easily set up public and private LoRaWAN networks by connecting pre-integrated Semtech LoRa devices to Azure without developing or managing a LoRaWAN network server. By making it easy to connect LoRa devices to Azure and providing insights generated with Azure Cognitive Services and Azure AI, Webee and Semtech make IoT simple for our mutual customers. “

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