Running for physical and mental health

I am a married father of 3 who live on the England-Wales border known as The Marches.

At school, I was more of a sprinter than a long-distance runner.

Finally, I settled on a long and a triple jump, which I did with a fairly good level.

I was on the school’s XC team and always finished among the top runners, but I didn’t really like long-distance running at the time.

In early adulthood, I played soccer a lot.

I’ve never been good as a footballer, but I made up for it with my athletic ability and effort.

In the end, I “retired” early because I had fallen in love with him.

When life started to get in the way, I reached a fallow period although I have always been active. I traveled a lot for work which took me a lot away from home and as the kids started to arrive it took a lot of time and energy.

So I started running again a few summers ago and picked it up in a way that I had never had before.

It was around this time that I gave up alcohol, it’s not related to running but I’m sure it helped me recover quickly.

As summer approached, I feared that I would lose momentum in the coming winter months.

So, I set myself the goal of running every day. What I have been doing throughout this winter. Fast forward.

I am now more of a regular runner than I ever have been. I run almost every day and I would run every day if I could.

I also do mountaineering as much as possible in summer and winter, with a little bit of climbing for good measure.

Winter in the mountains is a totally different proposition, you may need ice axes and crampons in winter unlike in summer.

My goal is to combine the two passions and participate regularly in the SkyRunning series.

I’ve run one before and was booked for a few more this summer before the pandemic hit.

During the lockdown I suffered from a fairly persistent case of shingles and was unable to step for 9 weeks.

It really showed me how much being active means both for my physical and mental health. I’m on the mend now and I’m coming back to where I was a few months ago.

I also train and run XC for a local club.


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