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Alan Dershowitz now advises Mike Lindell, CEO of My Pillow

And he’s telling New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to hold on.

Famous TV lawyer Alan dershowitz I can’t get enough of the limelight. If there is a case that will give him a chance to gain more media exposure, Dershowitz can be sure to find a way to get involved. Now he is advising My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell in the Dominion lawsuit against him.

At least he’s advising Mike Lindell’s lawyers. The $ 13 billion lawsuit has been brought against the CEO of My Pillow for his charges against the company that manufactured voting machines in the 2020 US election. Dominion Voting Systems has sued Lindell for libel for his baseless claims that he stole millions of votes from President Trump in last year’s presidential election. Trump has repeatedly claimed that the election was stolen from him and some of his supporters have even claimed that some voting machines were tampered with by the long-dead former dictator of Venezuela.

Allan Dershowitz recently made headlines when he represented President Trump on his first indictment in 2020. At the time, he made false claims that the president cannot be impeached for an action if he did it believing it was for the good of the country. Dershowitz was once a very prominent civil liberties lawyer, known for handling cases related to free speech. Perhaps this is why he now claims he was only involved in the Dominion prosecution because it has to do with free speech.

“I think this is a very important First Amendment case,” Dershowitz told policy analysis publication “The Hill”.

Mike Lindell reportedly said: “I probably have over 12 lawyers now, including Alan Dershowitz. He came on board because he believes it will be the biggest First Amendment trial in history. It may be true. But probably only because of the possibility of great publicity.

Meanwhile, Allan Dershowitz is also giving unsolicited advice to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Forgetting that the question at stake is whether an elected official should resign and not whether someone should be convicted of a felony by a court, he told Newsmax that Cuomo should not resign because the allegations against him do not have not been proven. “The charges do not constitute guilt,” Dershowitz said. “I wrote a book about it called ‘Guilt by Charge’, so I think Governor Cuomo should stick to his guns. Let there be a full investigation.

“And if nothing more comes out, these sexual allegations are not enough to deprive him and the millions of voters who voted for him from his governorship,” Dershowitz added. “I take the same position whether a person is a Democrat or a Republican, whether I have voted for him or against him. The law must be the same. The shoe on the other foot should be snug. “

Remember, Mr. Dershowitz said this on Newsmax, not CNN, CNBC or even Fox News. Surely he knows that this is more of an entertainment channel than a serious news channel and that his very presence there proves the above: Allan Dershowitz just can’t get enough of the lights of the ramp.

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