Michigan State’s Tom Izzo, Gabe Brown have exchange at halftime of First Four game

Michigan State coach Tom Izzo and Spartans player Gabe Brown had a heated halftime trade in their first game of four Thursday against UCLA. Izzo also grabbed Brown’s arm and jersey as they made their way through the tunnel at Purdue’s Mackey Arena.

Izzo was angry after the defense allowed a wide open 3-pointer. The full incident:

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TBS’s Allie LaForce reported on air that the Spartans were “able to solve it” and then began to prepare for the second half. Michigan State and UCLA went into overtime in the 11-seeded game after Michigan State let slip a double-digit lead. UCLA won 86-80.

Izzo told reporters after the game that the trade was about a missed defensive change and was “nothing short of normal.” He also complained that reporters felt the need to ask the question after a close game. “You guys are beautiful,” he said.

“We went through this a few years ago,” he added.

Izzo was referring to the 2019 NCAA tournament when he and Aaron Henry faced off on the pitch. At the time, Izzo gave a similar choppy response.

“I salute you guys, please, because you are trying to hold them accountable,” he said. “I don’t know what kind of business you work in, but I’m telling you what, if I was a newspaper editor and you didn’t do your job, you would be held accountable. is.”

Those who played for Izzo, including Draymond Green – who defended Izzo two years ago – know that this is part of the agreement in East Lansing.

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