Denver Broncos full 2021 NFL mock draft

Trey Lance, North Dakota State Bison. (Photo by Sam Wasson / Getty Images)

How will the Denver Broncos build their 2021 NFL Draft class?

The Denver Broncos choose ninth in the NFL Draft, and they can go in a number of different directions. Drew Lock hasn’t quite proven to be the answer to the quarterback, but he’s still young enough to turn it around. Still, the Broncos are hoping they don’t pick that top, and the draft is completely filled with quarterback talent.

It’s not like there aren’t any holes in the depth graph. They could absolutely use a top corner, and there are two that should be available at the time of selection. There are other defensive positions they could use, and the offensive line isn’t exactly one of the best in the league. However, if they keep the pick at nine and don’t come back, there are star players who will always be available. It’s a position in the project that can go anywhere.

The first pick will dictate the rest of the draft for the Broncos. They already have nine choices on this project. This could be one of those projects that are shaping the future.

Denver Broncos 7-Tower Simulation Project

Round 1


Trey Spear

QB North Dakota State

Lock is not the answer under center for the Broncos, and the answer is there in this draft. Trey Lance is expected to drop slightly in this year’s draft due to multiple circumstances. For one thing, the Jets seemed in love with BYU’s Zach Wilson. That will drop consensus number two for most of the season, which means if the Falcons or Eagles become a quarterback, they’ll likely go for Ohio State’s Justin Fields. If the Panthers pass Fields, which has a good chance of doing so since they tried to get a veteran quarterback, then Lance will be sitting there for the Broncos.

Lance hasn’t played much this season due to the pandemic. In fact, he only had one game. In this game, he threw more interceptions (one) than he did all last season. The cap is unlimited for Lance. He could be the best quarterback in this class. A lot has got to go right, but if it does, he can beat Trevor Lawrence.

However, its floor is the lowest among the top rated quarters. As his competition was below par, he was able to get stats from almost everyone. It is its mechanisms that seduced people with its future. He is also very capable of making the teams in the field pay. He’s a modern-day double-threat quarterback. John Elway has been on the hunt for the quarterback of the future since joining, and new GM George Paton should be okay with moving him all-in.

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