South Dakota’s Gov. Kristi Noem wants an anti-trans bill that’s even more anti-trans

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It’s not worth pretending for even a minute that South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem suddenly changed her mind and developed a sense of humanity that led her to reject the state’s anti-trans sports law, House Bill 1217, one of several push Republican-led states.

Of course she didn’t. Noem sent the bill back to South Dakota House because it’s not anti-trans enough.

The bill as drafted, Noem argued in a series of tweets on Friday, could have “significant unintended consequences.”

Unexpected consequences? How do you encourage the hatred of an already marginalized group? Or harm the mental health of adolescents already struggling with their sense of self and place in the world? Again, of course not. Those are the destined consequences of House Bill 1217. Noem, on the contrary, fears that people who really cheats to gain an advantage in sports could be held accountable for their actions.

“If a male student athlete fails to make the football team, and later learns that another student on the team is taking steroids without revealing it, the student who was not on the team the team would have the right to sue school and the steroid. user for damage, ”Noem wrote.

In addition, Noem wanted the House to refine the bill to apply only to high schools and not colleges, because “In South Dakota we take pride in the athletic programs of our universities, and in particular the big boys. progress we have made in gaining national visibility and increasing opportunities for our next generation over the past two decades. “

You can see how Noem almost got there, acknowledging that this bill would make South Dakota look intolerant and oppressive as universities in the state try to make themselves known nationally. But high school students in South Dakota, who don’t have a choice whether or not to go to school in South Dakota? Fuck the kids.

As the bill made its way through the Legislature, the Mitchell Republic reported“Many lawmakers have recognized that there are few, if any, examples of transgender children participating in high school sports in South Dakota.” It’s understandable. This fall, 40,302 students were enrolled in public high schools in South Dakota. According to 2016 report At UCLA Law School’s Williams Institute, South Dakota has the fourth lowest rate of adults identifying as trans, at 0.34 percent. But maybe trans people are leaving South Dakota as soon as they get the chance, due to the state’s open hostility. Well, the state with the highest population of trans adults is Hawaii at 0.78%. At that higher percentage, there would be 314 trans children in South Dakota high schools. How many of these 314 children are athletes? And then, beyond that, how many are even transgender, not to mention being on hormone therapy? Now, the people who pushed for anti-trans legislation couldn’t find any, so …

Hormone therapy, by the way, is legal, which cannot be said about anabolic steroids. And the 57 South Dakota high schools that have football – sorry, that have 11-player football – fall into the 2,000-player neighborhood. Then there are 67 other high schools in South Dakota with 9-player football. According to the National Federation of State High School Associations, steroid use among grade 12 students in 2014 was 2%.

Aberdeen Central High School’s football squad this year had 58 players and a total enrollment of 1,410. Statistically, there are expected to be between half a dozen and a dozen transgender children in Canada. school, but again we have no evidence that any of these children were involved in sports. Statistically, you would expect at least one kid on the Aberdeen Central football team to use steroids. Otherwise, there might be a few PED users in Brandon Valley, O’Gorman, or Watertown.

Unlike trans participation in athletics, not to mention that participation which actually causes all kinds of problems, there is a very prominent example of steroid abuse in South Dakota. But it wasn’t in a high school. The end Lyle alzado was at Yankton College when he started taking steroids, which led to a life-long addiction.

Noem wants this bill to be rewritten to allow this story to repeat itself, while also refining the power of the state to be used against trans children. Not just trans kids, but kids like Freddie Linden, who in 2018 brought a federal action against the South Dakota High School Activities Association for being allowed to try for the dance team at Dakota Valley High. The SDHSAA changed its rules, allowing Linden to compete.

But what Noem likes with regard to bill n ° 1217, it “rightly provides that women should have the possibility of practicing sports for young people in teams composed of women and against teams of women”.

All of this to respond to the sentiments of the fanatics and to exercise the power to keep the marginalized in their place, which, to be fair, is all the ethics of the modern Republican Party and why it is such popular choice be the GOP candidate for president in 2024.

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