Taylor Trammell Should Be The Opening Day Left fielder

A good attitude can be contagious. Taylor Trammell has it in clusters. Combined with his talent and athleticism, he should be the Seattle Mariners’ opening day left fielder.

Where there is a spark, there is a flame. The Seattle Mariners have a lot of enthusiasm coming from the farming system recently ranked third overall by MLB.Com. Jarred Kelenic, Julio Rodriguez, Logan gilbert, and the list seems to go on and on for rebuilding M’s. However, rookie Taylor trammell paired with last year’s ROY Kyle lewis creates this combustibility in the attitude that will be contagious.

The one thing that sets Trammell apart from the rest of the Mariners’ players is his insatiable desire to be positive no matter what. His presence at the club shows in the way his teammates react to him. Or the way advertisers talk about him.

Trammell creates a buzz with just his attitude. Combine that with Kyle Lewis’ contagious attitude, and the Mariners have a great combination that could elevate the team’s talent.

These two aren’t the only ones on the team. This can be seen in Marco gonzalezleadership, the way Justus sheffield rebounded, Kyle seageradvice from, Ty Francethe bat, and more. Throw back the veteran chefs Mitch haniger and Tom murphy, and the Mariners have no shortage of positivity.

Ripple effects of great attitudes

How is the attitude reflected in the game? As with everything, there is a foundation, a base from which to draw. This baseline begins with attitude. If the Mariners get into a funk, they’re less likely to stay in that rut when there’s so much positivity in the dugout. Positivity speeds up momentum forward and can create a sustaining effect even when the team is losing.

The fans support this, but the players will support their teammates and play harder for each other. Someone like Taylor Trammell provides that spark. Trammell has a decent spring. His bat also appears to be on time with the big league pitches. A gifted athlete with speed and power, Trammell’s biggest effect is the attitude he brings with him to the clubhouse every day.

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