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There is no doubt that 2020 has been a difficult year in many ways. Fear has outstripped joy more than the human body could handle, and for many countries we are still riding the wave of fear, uncertainty and isolation.

We could stay here all day to chat and share our thoughts on how the pandemic has been handled by the influential powers around the world, but we’re here today to focus on the joy, so let’s save that for another day. . 19 ways to stay positive during COVID-19.

In my eyes, our only purpose in this world is to seek, discover and share the joy within ourselves and with the people around us. Joy and pleasure are our birthright and it comes so naturally when we are born into the world. However, along the way, conditioning, environmental influences and societal demands take us away from this great place and I truly believe that many of us are now disconnected from our true joys.

However. Joy is absolutely always possible. Always. We just need to raise awareness and improve our skills to stay in touch with joy.

What is joy? Where does it come from? How can you get more?

True lasting joy is inner work. Joy is the ability to connect with your true self and peel away the layers of your mind to experience freedom.

True lasting joy is not easy, otherwise we would all have it and the world would be very different from what it does today. Joy takes practice and requires your attention and awareness. What is consciousness? See my 10 ways to practice awareness here.

On Sunday I went live and hosted a 1 hour workshop on @wheresmollie to connect and experience our inner joy.

This workshop included:

  • 25 minute visualization of inner joy
  • 35 minutes of guided joy journaling

Although I did not record the live session, I put some time aside and recorded the 10 minute dream life visualization portion to share with you …

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