How Far Will The Lakers Fall Without LeBron James?

How far will the Lakers fall without LeBron James? | Sports Takes & News |

“High ankle sprain” are three words no athlete wants to hear, but when that athlete is LeBron James, most of Los Angeles is now forced to face its reality. This is what happened when James was injured on Saturday, suffering from a sprained ankle which should knock out the MVP candidate for several weeks. With the team already fighting for the Western Conference playoffs without Anthony Davis, how far will the Lakers fall without LeBron James?

The Lakers traveled to Phoenix on Sunday night in a virtual tie for second in the West, 2.5 games behind the conference at the top of the Utah Jazz, but just as close to being fifth or sixth in the lead. series. That means they would likely never have the field advantage in the playoffs they play this year. With their two best players, Anthony Davis and now LeBron James both sidelined with injuries, their place in the table is almost certainly likely to worsen until they are full of strength again.

LeBron James has always been against rest during the season, what is known as “workload management” in the NBA today. In Davis’ absence, the 36-year-old has played more minutes in recent weeks, proving hurt LeBron James’ production on the pitch. Now, with James being unable to play for an indefinite period, the fate of the Lakers’ season can be decided in March and April, not May, when the playoffs are due to begin.

It was increasingly known in the NBA that James was looking to win another MVP award this year, which was part of the reason the future Hall of Famer was pushing himself so hard without Anthony Davis on the court. While the injury he suffered against Atlanta left James saying, “I’m injured on the inside and I’m out,” fans are left to wonder where some wins will come from.

The Purple and Gold are unlikely to be able to maintain their pace of winning two out of three games without Davis and James, so the question is whether the Lakers have enough cushion to withstand their absence for weeks on end.

The Lakers have just fifteen games in their losing streak ahead of the Dallas Mavericks, who are currently the eighth seed in the West with 42 of 72 games of the season on the books heading into Sunday night’s game. This means that a prolonged losing streak, or a streak that sees the Lakers playing a under .500 ball for too long will sure hurt their short-term seeding, and with the West so deep, it may be too slippery for them. even Davis and James backtrack. This means that the defense of their recent title rests in the hands of their bench and their cast, a position that will likely derail their season as their stars are on the sidelines.

Of course, James will likely come back, but just how healthy he will be and how he will be able to play intensive basketball in the playoffs with an injury that is unlikely to be fully healed when he returns is not a prospect. promising.

Sorry Lakers fans, but it looks like your asterisk trophy from last year will be a one year wonder as there is no back to back likely in your future this summer. And as for LeBron, I think he can say goodbye to that MVP trophy since the most important ability is uptime, and for LeBron James, one of the best players ever, even he can’t stand. prevent from winning matches on the bench.


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