Overreaction Monday | India vs England edition ft. KL Rahul, Jos Buttler, and Shreyas Iyer

Back on the desk after a party weekend, beating the Monday Blues takes time. As the doctor suggested, the best way to overcome the spirit is to break the overreactions of the past week and warm up for a more productive day afterwards.

Hide and seek game in India with KL Rahul

After Vikram Rathour, in no uncertain terms, said the management will give their full support to KL Rahul under fire, Virat Kohli replaced the Karnataka batsman with himself and even went so far as to say he was looking forward to opening with Rohit more. in the future.

SC socket: It sucks absolutely, doesn’t it? After claiming that the team is supporting Rahul and will give him the chance to thrive, now going out and saying things like that is not enough. If the skipper lost sight of the fact, let me say it again – Ishan Kishan suffered an issue he had to warm up the bench for and now with Kohli throwing his hat in the ring he might think he’s solving a problem but one that digs deep into a mess from which it will be difficult to recover.

Rahul’s strike rate has been a problem for the past two years, but for India the Karnataka player has been a solid proposition. He holds the aces in the worst of situations and for a confident player like Rahul, benching him in his preferred format is the worst outcome one could want. I hope the team management, at least for once, will keep their promise and not create insecurity in the camp.

Shreyas Iyer is not an accumulator

After Shreyas Iyer’s 37-shot on 18 in the fourth T20I in Ahmedabad, Twitter went into a meltdown with praise that the Mumbaikar are no longer a racing accumulator.

SC socket: A win or a blow can mask a lot, the sooner Indian cricket fans realize the true impact of a player in the long run, the better. Shreyas Iyer is possibly one of the most gifted and hardworking cricketers of the generation and his importance to the ODI setup can never be overstated, but in expansion he is just another anchor on this team. Indian.

If a career T20 strike rate of 130.32 doesn’t convince you, then here’s a fact. Iyer took 48 balls to score 67 points in the opener after a top notch collapse. He has been praised for situational awareness which is good but plays in its own image. But for a sudden, if we lose meaning and perspective, it’s worse than moving things around on a disorganized plane. If Indian fans realize this, that’s fine, but it looks like most of them are on a completely different tangent.

Jos Buttler must play as finisher

After England failed to close the final game, with Morgan failing almost every time, calls for Jos Buttler to beat as a finisher grew by leaps and bounds.

SC socket: Since the Rajasthan Royals tried it out successfully, Jos Buttler has been a revelation for England’s white ball plans, with Eoin Morgan using him as an opener. It has of course reaped dividends, with Jason Roy, Dawid Malan and Ben Stokes to follow, but as many have pointed out, with Shardul Thakur tweaked against lefties, the model might not be sustainable. However, the argument is not really standard.

Morgan can get the job done so efficiently even if England find themselves at a crossroads when it comes to the Ben Stokes solution. And with Buttler doing very well, averaging over 50, it doesn’t even make sense to ask him to fight. Instead, England can look for a left-wing solution like adding Sam Billings or Moeen Ali to the setup to form a core group for future assignments. Realizing that is a bigger celebration than asking Buttler not to open.

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