7 signs you should talk to a therapist

1. Your symptoms are interfering with your work

Difficulty concentrating, difficulty managing emotions at work, or a sharp drop in productivity can be signs of a mental health problem. Whether you’re more stressed than usual or feeling a bit exhausted, reduced performance in the office can be a sign of emotional distress. [Also read: 7 Signs of a Toxic Friendship That Can Only Harm You]

2. Your mood seems “out of sync”

It is normal to sometimes feel a little “off”. You will have difficult times where you will sometimes feel sad or anxious. But any change in mood that lasts longer than two weeks should be addressed. This is especially true when you don’t have an explanation for the change in mood. [Also read: 7 Signs You Are Forcing Yourself To Love Him]

3. Your sleeping habits have changed

From sleepless nights that tire you out of sleeping more hours than you should, your sleep patterns say a lot about your sanity. [Also read: How To Know When You Really Love Someone]

It’s a two-way street. Your psychological well-being can affect your ability to sleep (and wake up feeling refreshed). On the flip side, your sleep schedule will also affect your mental health.

Talking to someone can address underlying mental health issues that contribute to sleep problems or help you avoid insomnia. Studies show that cognitive behavioral therapy is particularly effective in overcoming insomnia. [Also read: 8 Hacks For Getting Over Your Heartbreak]

4. Your psychological health affects your physical health

Many physical aches and pains – like headaches and stomach aches – can stem from mental health issues. Of course, it is important to see your doctor if you have any physical health problems to rule out any medical problems first. If your doctor determines that there are no known medical causes, you may be referred to a therapist. [Also read: 8 Mistakes That Push People Away When You First Meet]

Anxiety, depression, and emotional distress can cause a multitude of physical symptoms. Treatment can help you feel better, both physically and emotionally. [Also read: How to Make a Woman Feel Beautiful]

5. You see unexplained weight changes

Stress and emotional distress cause some people to overeat. Others completely lose their appetite. Even if you appreciate a slightly slimmer waistline, don’t ignore changes in appetite or weight.

It could be a sign of a mental health problem, such as depression. Treatment may help you feel better. Signs you should talk to a therapist

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