‘I Should Have Handled It Better’ – Dan Hardy Talks About His UFC Controversy

Dan Hardy left the UFC after promotion and the fighter ended up having a disagreement. Hardy had an altercation with an employee which led to tensions between the UFC and Hardy – this ultimately led to Hardy leaving the company.

What happened between Hardy and the UFC?

In a recent interview, Hardy commented on what happened between him and the UFC. Hardy said,“Yeah, obviously Herb Dean’s situation didn’t help me, I had signed a new contract and worked on a few events since, but I think it was still on their minds.

Hardy disagreed with the employee who he said was “Straightforward but not aggressive, and specifically for work.

Dean knows he shouldn’t have acted the way he did, where he did and thinks he could have handled the situation differently.

Dan wrote of how he resolved his issues with the employee, he wrote: “I apologized to the individual for the embarrassment he had to face. The conversation certainly could have taken place in a better place and under better circumstances. “

Dan Hardy coming back to the UFC?

Dan hasn’t been inside the Octagon for a long time, and he and his fans are anxiously awaiting his return. He even called Matt Brown and Nick Diaz for a fight, when asked about it.

He said, “It has been suggested that a reconciliation between myself and the UFC is possible, and of course, I hope it is.”

Dan has not yet had a conversation with Dana white, “I haven’t spoken or heard from Dana White yet, and I haven’t understood her take on the situation yet.

In his latest statement, Dan explained that he still doesn’t know what the UFC accused him of, Hardy wrote.The result of their brief private investigation hardly left me behind, and I hope that at some point I will be able to obtain more information on what I have been accused of.

The Outlaw thanked the audience for their support, he thanked them for all their kind words and support, Hardy said,“I am forever a fan of the UFC, and dedicated to serving MMA. I appreciate all of your kind words and support, both private and public, and I have many great offers to consider. “

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