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Former Wallabies lockdown Justin Harrison courageously relived the painful memories of his ill-fated charity boxing fight against England tough man Danny Grewcock.

The second giant rowers faced off in London in 2013 at a charity event hosted by former England mainstay David Flatman.

In another hilarious edition of ‘Tall Tales with Goog‘, (watch above) Harrison recalled accepting the fight after receiving a phone call from Flatman while he was coaching Narbonne in France.

“I think so, it’s a charity, it will be soft gloves, a little bit of pantomime … no problem, no,” Harrison said on Stan Sport’s Rugby paradise Tuesday evening.

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“I forget that, I forget that. So he calls me a week before, ‘Hey Goog let’s go, we have 600 tickets sold at that black tie event in London, there are sponsors going through the roof, Danny Grewcock’s was training like a crazy.

“He has a professional boxer employed to train him, like this guy could knock out a statue on Easter Island. This man is sculpted like a living Mount Rushmore.”

Harrison then watched the ‘highlights’ of his big night in the ring as colleagues Sean Maloney, Roz Kelly and Morgan Turinui made no attempt to suppress their laughter.

Looking back, he was ill-prepared.

“It’s the look of a scared man doing his best,” Harrison said.

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“I had these dope rope aspirations, Matt Stevens was my cornerman. I think I’m just going to walk into the boxing ring and avoid it. I walk into the ring and I think, ‘My mattress is bigger than it.’ How am I going to get away from this guy?

“He’s got muscles in his spit!”

“I tried to turn it into a tag game. It ended up being a red nightmare, six minutes from hell. It was crazy. You can’t do anything, you don’t have the right to give in.

“I keep thinking about charity, keep raising money because I’m going to need it for my hospital bill – not to mention charity. Forget about charity, I’m trying to stay alive!

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“I thought about pretending to pull a hamstring.”

Maloney then pressed Harrison for more details on his pre-fight routine.

“Steak and chips at the local, I hadn’t been to London in a while, and two pints, just for a little starch.

“My dad said, ‘Buddy, if all else fails, get a Guinness buddy’.”

At least Harrison had a few wins in the rugby paddock against Grewcock.

Kelly then pitched the idea of ​​a fight with Stan Sport’s new colleague Sonny Bill Williams.

“I’m going to get him ready for his next fight,” Harrison said.

“I, Williams, (Paul) Gallen, name him, bring him.”

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