WUV, TWUE WUV – Katie did what

MY DRESS: CJLA || MY SANDALS (size up to 1/2) || SOPHIE’S DRESS (reduced size) || SOPHIE SHOES

My cousin got married! Sophie was the flower girl. Zack was a last minute best man (after someone gave up). The grandparents were watching the boys (because it would have been even more hectic trying to bring them with us!). After the question of “will this wedding even take place” with the state of the world this year, and even a last minute change of venue (to the most beautiful barn – it was magnificent!), It is come. And it was perfect. And yes, I’ve cried a handful of times, because weddings always make a mess of me. You too? Some pictures of the festivities! Daughter Sophie became so shy when she saw the audience, refusing to even walk. So her daddy came to get her and helped her with her flower girl duties. 😉 Something we will surely never forget. Pretty Things.

K, ready for the next wedding! Who is getting married ?!


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