IPL 2021: Delhi Capitals sign Evolut Wellness as Official Fitness Partner

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Delhi Capitals today announced Evolut Wellness as the team’s official fitness partner for the upcoming Indian Premier League season (IPL 2021).

Speaking about the association, Evolut founder Vinuthna Gorripati and co-founder Meghana Nidadavolu said: “There is no single way to lead a balanced life. It’s a combination of a lot of things, and fitness, yoga, and nutrition are a part of it. Instead of making fitness a chore, we try to help people make it a lifestyle choice, by exercising and eating right. We are delighted to partner with Delhi Capitals, a dynamic team filled with young, experienced players who are icons on and off the pitch. In addition to sponsorship, Evolut will also launch a brand campaign throughout the IPL season and make an exciting announcement soon. “

“We are delighted to welcome Evolut Wellness on board as a fitness partner. Fitness is the lifeblood of any sport, but to ensure players perform at their best while performing on the pitch, it is essential for them to lead a healthy lifestyle off the pitch. The importance of holistic wellness has been felt even more since the pandemic hit the world. I have no doubts that this will be a successful partnership for DC and Evolut, ” Said Vinod Bisht, CEO of Delhi Capitals.

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