‘Ashfaq-led group seized our data’ PFF’s NC on cancellation of NWFC

KARACHI: The group led by Ashfaq has taken strong responsibility at FIFA House for anything leading to the cancellation of the ongoing national women’s football championship, the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) representative confirmed to ARY Sports.

The representative told this correspondent that the group led by Ashfaq had entered all the data for the current championship, which had forced them to cancel the tournament.

“We don’t have anything in hand right now. They not only took over our office but also entered all of our data. We had no choice but to cancel this tournament, ”he shared.

Haroon Malik – chairman of the FIFA-appointed (NC) Standardization Commission of the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) had claimed that the group led by Ashfaq had stormed in and overthrew NC officials from the House of FIFA.

Ashfaq won the PFF presidential election last year, but FIFA sacked the newly elected body due to government interference. FIFA later appointed an independent NC to organize free and fair elections within the PFF.

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