Fox Business’s Spinato remembers his tenacity

Eric Spinato

Suzanne O’Halloran from Fox Business remembers Eric Spinato, the chief booker and editor of the Fox Business Network story, died last weekend of COVID-19.

O’Halloran writes: “FOX Business’s Neil cavuto, who Eric worked with early on at Fox, was impressed by his “tenacity”.

“’To say that Eric was a force of nature was an understatement. Everyone knows he was tenacious in pursuing guests. What they might not know is that he wouldn’t let anything stop them from talking to Fox first. Even though they were in prison !! ‘

‘Cavuto Coast to Coast’ anchor recalled when ‘Eric managed to land former Tyco boss Dennis Kozlowski not after being released from prison but while still spending time in prison . Still, we were in an upstate New York penitentiary talking to the man whose lavish spending had made him the face of management excess, but at that point, just another white collar prison sentence.

“Now more than 13 years after that momentous interview, Cavuto said: ‘Looking back, I don’t know what impressed me the most – talking to Dennis, the inmate, or seeing Eric so comfortable and familiar. with the inmates. He’s laughing. I laughed. Even Kozlowski laughed. It was Eric. In the moment. Always capital. ”

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