Knicks buyout targets 2021: Three Knicks buyout candidates

Tom Thibodeau will survey the buyout market. Photo by Elite Sports.

Fresh out of a quiet trade deadline, there are plenty of Knicks buyout targets out there.

The New York Knicks were pretty quiet before the trade deadline a few days ago. The only move they made was to acquire players barely used in Terrance Ferguson and Vincent Poirier in one three-team trade deal with the Philadelphia 76ers and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Since Poirier is set to be called off, that means the Knicks made this deal with the primary purpose of getting rid of Austin rivers, which was shipped to the Thunder.

2021 Knicks buyout targets

The Knicks didn’t make waves on the trading radar, but they didn’t need to. It’s true that they only have one All-Star on their roster, but the Knicks are doing the right thing by building a winning culture first and establishing their identities going forward.

They are still a young and inexperienced team compared to the other teams in the playoff contention. The Knicks are responding well to head coach Tim Thibodeau’s defensive and pragmatic system.

Even if the Knicks front office doesn’t want to break this list, they can always add a quality player in the buyback market. We’ve listed three names that could help cover New York’s roster holes, especially in the frontcourt.

André Drummond

The Knicks weren’t too keen on adding more weight and height to their frontcourt, but Mitchell robinsonThe victim’s recent injury should change that. Robinson, their starting cross, broke his foot in a recent game against the Milwaukee Bucks. There is still no timeline for his return, but it points to a major injury that could squeeze Robinson out for the rest of the season.

This should force the Knicks’ front office to focus on acquiring another great man through the buyout market. André Drummond is the best candidate for this role, especially with the way it engulfs the bounces and protects the rim.

But the problem is, reports say the the Los Angeles Lakers are preparing to enter into an agreement with Drummond. The Lakers’ situation is just too hard for Drummond to pass up as the defending champions will lure him in with the golden opportunity to seriously compete for the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

Hassan whiteside

Can Thibodeau Magic Work Hassan whiteside? The 31-year-old veteran has always been one of the best shot blockers in the league, but for some reason he often gets lost in defensive plans and team changes.

Discipline and focus are two strengths Thibodeau demands of his players, and it’s interesting to see if he can get them out of Whiteside. The question now is whether the Sacramento Kings are keen to make a buyout deal with Whiteside as the latter’s contract expires after this season anyway.

Otto Porter Jr.

If the Knicks fail to bring in a quality big man, they could set their sights on Otto Porter.

After being traded to Orlando Magic like a piece in this Nikola Vucevic Okay, there are reports that Porter’s contract could be bought out.

Porter’s overall production has plummeted this season, but he continues to produce a 40% effective clip from the three-point line while maintaining a reputation as a good wing defender.

The Knicks still don’t have a versatile perimeter defenseman on their roster, so fighting for Porter’s 3 and D serves should make sense.

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