Amazon Union election set to end: what we know

A high-profile union election by Amazon workers in Alabama ends Monday, when the postal voting period ends. The ballots are expected to start counting as early as Tuesday, with the count lasting several days. Thousands of workers at the Bessemer, Alabama plant voted.

The election will determine whether warehouse workers will become the first group to unionize among Amazon’s 800,000 American workers. Pro-union workers have asked for help from the Retail, Wholesale and Department Stores Union, or RWDSU, a frequent adversary of Amazon it would represent workers if they voted to organize.

Organizers said forming a union would allow workers to collectively bargain over safety standards, training, breaks, pay and other benefits. These topics have been at the center of disputes between Amazon and its workforce across hundreds of facilities. Some employees have complained about what they say they are an exhausting workload and how the company monitors employees through an internal tracking system and cameras.

Amazon, which is set to overtake Walmart Inc. as the largest U.S. employer in the next few years – based on recent hiring trends, said it offers some of the best salaries and benefits available for jobs. comparable in similar industries, and that the company offers a competitive compensation package that includes 401 (k) and healthcare coverage.

Here’s what you need to know about the results of the upcoming elections:

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