How to buy the right acrylic paints for custom sneaker design

As sad as it may sound, the weather is ruthless on everyone and everything. Your pair of sneakers is no exception to the rule as they wear out over time and lose their attractive appearance.

A modern and quite exciting option is to dye the sneakers, which can give them another breeze. You can do this at home once you’ve chosen the right acrylic shoe paint. Read on for tips on buying the best acrylic paints for custom sneaker design.

Why choose acrylic paints to personalize your sneakers?

Acrylic paints are aqueous dispersion colors based on polyacrylates and their polymers, which act like a filmmaker. The popularity of this finishing material is that you can use it for both internal and external finishing work. These mixtures are diluted with water, adding various colors (pigment pastes).

However, once completely dry, they become waterproof and indelible. Today, many consumers are turning to acrylic paint because it is reliable, durable and of course attractive. In addition, the choice of different colors of acrylic compositions is dynamic. Therefore, it is possible to choose the best option for customization of sneakers.


Acrylic paints come in two grades: artist grade and student grade. Artist-grade paints (also referred to as “professional”) are available in a wide variety of shades, have a high concentration of granulated pigment, and have a long shelf life.

Student-grade paints are less expensive, but they come with a reduced gamut, lower pigment amounts, and the possibility that fillers will weaken the strength of the color. The distinction between the two is not just about how they are made; Artists’ colors are generally brighter and have a more satisfying quality, making them easy to mix and match.


Acrylic paints come with a bewildering array of shades. For beginners, the option is to start with an acrylic paint pack. It would save you money per tube and provide you with a decent starting point. For beginners, it’s always best not to worry too much about the supplies and start painting.


The strength of the pigment in the color to prevent rapid fading when subjected to light is called permanence. The term “fugitive ink” refers to pigments that fade over time. Another reason buyers prefer acrylic paints is that they are much more stable than oils or watercolors.


The thickness or density of shoe paint refers to the viscosity. Heavy-bodied acrylics have a dense, buttery texture (comparable to oil paints) that helps blend and blend colors by retaining brush strokes.

Fluid acrylics, on the other hand, are lighter (but have the same pigment intensity) and are better suited for precision work, coloring, watercolor methods, and dry brushing. If you like something in the center, there are different acrylic mediums that you can blend into the paint to achieve the consistency you want.

Bottom lines

Now is the time to go to your closet to search for a pair of outdated sneakers you’ve been waiting to recharge. Maybe you have a pair of boots or shoes that you never wear because they don’t match your outfit.

When you have them, choose your favorite shoe paint and get artistic. The material of your shoes would determine the color you use.

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