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In life, you often hear that it’s the little things that count. The same goes for fashion. A little or a little discreet item can make all the difference in your wardrobe. It’s about using your imagination and giving it a chance.

A chocolate skirt, for example, might seem drab on its own, but much like a Christmas tree, it also has the potential to be the best item you’ve ever owned in your wardrobe.

Chocolate, like black, goes well with a number of different colors. You can dress it up or down, accessorize or not. Let your mood dictate what you do with your chocolate skirt. One thing is for sure though, this seemingly simple brown skirt just might be your best friend in the future.

Today’s post on the outfit is taken from the new spring collection currently available at LaTienda – it’s definitely worth checking it out fabulous online store here for even more inspiration!

Read on to find out “4 Ways to Style a Chocolate Skirt”.

4 ways to style a chocolate skirt

  1. Leave it earthy

Keeping an Earthy look and pulling it off properly takes some thought. You can wear as many different earthy tones as you want in one outfit, but make sure there’s a theme that’s well defined.

In this look, it’s the theme of going back in time – today I’m a cowboy (cowgirl?)… The boots, the hat and casual woven bag all correspond to the theme of the day. Don’t forget the casual linen shirt which I also plan to time with jeans and shorts in the future.

The addition of the Valentino belt lets everyone know that this outfit is no accident. I thought about it and wanted it to feel put together.

Layered chains are one of the hottest trends this season. The chains match the belt buckle in that they are all yellow gold in color.

2. With a cream sweater

Draped over the shoulders in case the temperature drops …

Once worn, relaxed tucked into the belt in one corner to give the outfit a bit of shape.

I have a real thing about cream sweaters this spring …

3. Adding stripes

There is something so fresh on the stripes in spring….

Ain’t it funny how a striped sweater makes the outfit so totally different.

Note the matching sling cardigan, without it the look would be stripped down – sometimes it’s just necessary to add a little more to an outfit! Mostly this cardigan because it is exactly the same color as the orange stripes of the sweater.

Part of me starts to think this bag is simply essential to give a beautiful look to any outfit. Perfect for shopping too!

4. Simple fun with a denim jacket

A White Tshirt, Jean jacket and white sneakers will take you anywhere … add an oversized straw hat and voila, spring is definitely in the air!

So as you see there are many ways to create a simple style brown skirt… I haven’t even started with strappy heels, a blazer or a sparkly top…

Outfit Details:

Skirt – available here

Linen shirt – available here

Woven bag – available here

Striped sweater – available here

Orange cardigan – available here

Pretty cream sweater – available here

White Tshirt – available here

Jean jacket – available here

Sun glasses – available here

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