Irish government considers easing covid restrictions for sports  –

The Irish government is considering easing the restrictions on covid for sports: While the number of covid is still high in Ireland, the government is considering relaxing the restrictions.

A year after the onset of Covid 19, daily cases in Ireland remain in the top 500 with ebbs and flows within that average. However, as summer approaches, little clarity has been given on a gradual reopening, especially for amateur sports.

NEPHET met yesterday to finalize potential recommendations for submission to Cabinet as the government weighs their options. It is assumed that outdoor sports such as golf, tennis and other outdoor activities can start again from mid-April.

Current NEPHETS proposals to government included meetings of up to two households outside the home. Senior GAA training could resume from a scheduled date of April 19. While sports like golf and tennis could start from April 26.

However, in the coming days, NEPHET described the covid situation in the country as “Sinister and sobering”. They still firmly believe that the number of cases in the country remains too high to ease travel restrictions.

However, if this is the case, ministers may consider relaxing the sporting restrictions but may reject them. The arrival of vaccinations in the country this month after a delay is cause for hope, with more than 786,569 vaccines given last Friday.

Cabinet was scheduled to meet last night to consider these recommendations with an announcement in the coming days.

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