This Coach Made Nick Saban Change The Way He Plays Football

This coach made Nick Saban change the way he plays football | Sports Takes & News |

Nick Saban engraved his name in the college football record books by winning seven national titles, six of which have come since 2009 with Alabama. Saban’s Crimson Tide dynasty was actually a story of two styles of football with the 69-year-old head coach admitting that a head coach inspired him to move from a defensive first team to an attacking first team. . The name of this trainer may surprise you as he himself didn’t have much personal success, but convinced Saban to make a change that got him three more championship rings.

Nick Saban and Bill Belichick are good friends, and one of their connections is to be defensive football coaches, each learning the game on this side of the line of scrimmage. Football, however, has changed in recent years thanks to friendly offensive rule changes that have made running backs part of the passing game and taken a lot of what defenses can do out of the game. For Nick Saban, after winning three national titles in 2009, 2011 and 2012 with Greg McElroy and AJ McCarron at quarterback, the way he recruited and coached in Alabama had to change to keep winning. Indeed, while defense is always important, the ability to score points has also become important. It was a lesson he was taught in 2014 by an assistant coach named Lane Kiffin.

Speaking to the Louisiana High School Coaches Association last week, Nick Saban shared this via video conference:

“Fastpitch without a caucus changed college football… so I changed my philosophy about five or six years ago – maybe more than that. When Lane (Kiffin) came here we said we had to beat (our opponents).

If you need proof of the difference between Nick Saban’s rookies and coaches, just watch this year’s NFL Draft where up to seven of his players are ranked in the Top 50 of all players at to take. Only one of those players, however, came from his defense, which allowed just 19 points per game during the 2020 season. The others are offensive stars who collected 48.5 points per game last year. . Saban admitted last season that good offenses are more important than good defenses in today’s game, but he never credited Lane Kiffin for helping him change the way he recruited and coached.

For me, the irony is that Kiffin, a much better assistant than the head coach, was the one Saban listened to and was ready to change for when the two worked together in Alabama. It’s also ironic that Kiffin chose to face Saban in the SEC when he accepted the job at Ole Miss last season, where he went 5-5 in his first season as a coach- leader of the Rebels.

While losing all of that offensive talent from last year’s squad could put his dynasty on hiatus, Nick Saban can almost pick the players he wants for his Crimson Tide squad, making him a national title contender almost every day. season. So for all those in the SEC and all the college footballers who wanted to see Nick Saban follow the path of the defensive dinosaurs, you can thank Lane Kiffin for giving him new life and the last three national titles Alabama has won. , cementing it. as the greatest college football head coach of all time.

Now if only Saban can figure out how to turn one of his quarterbacks into a big pro, because that’s the position so many of his players so often flop in the NFL.


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This coach made Nick Saban change the way he plays football |

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