4 sneaky ways to easily increase your brand awareness

Raising brand awareness or the level at which the brand is recognized by potential consumers is a top priority for any business owner. Without brand awareness, any business will struggle to grow and generate sales. Even if you’re not a top brand in your industry, having a decent level of brand awareness can do wonders for your business. If consumers understand what your business offers, have an idea of ​​what your ads look like, choose your brand over cheaper alternatives, and search search engines for your brand or other branded terms, these are all indicators that you are on the right track. . However, achieving a satisfactory level of brand awareness is a challenge, especially when it comes to saturated markets. That’s why we’re here to walk you through 4 sneaky ways to easily increase your brand awareness.

Referral programs

Building brand awareness for your business doesn’t have to be an expensive process. You don’t need to install large billboards in the busiest areas of the city; in fact, greater exposure does not always translate into increased brand awareness. To successfully boost your brand awareness, you need to put in place a measurable and effective strategy. That’s why you should always think about what you can do differently from your competition. Consumers are turning to brands that are ready to offer them additional benefits. Not only that, but they are also likely to tell their friends and family about these brands. Word of mouth marketing is still one of the main types of marketing that businesses can benefit from. Nothing spreads faster than spoken words, which is why you always have to keep customers happy. Many established companies use referral programs to get ahead of its competition, for example, Google rewards customers every time they sign up a new user to work on Google Apps. A personalized link that can be shared is provided to customers once they have joined the referral program. Every time someone activates a Google Apps account using this link, the customer is rewarded with a deposit of $ 15 to their bank account.

Guest content

Great guest content is a great way to build brand awareness. Where do consumers typically look for advice when they are unsure which brand of product to choose? The majority of consumers will actively review reviews, read comparisons, and browse articles before choosing a specific brand. For example, if someone is looking for a skin care product for acne prone skin, they will read articles posted on beauty blogs about the best products for acne removal and read reviews and featured articles. on the products they are considering before making a final. decision. That’s why creating valuable, reliable, and eye-catching content for trusted sources that are relevant to your industry allows you to get your name out there in your industry.


Good branding is essential to increase brand awareness. Your branding, personality and message should be clearly communicated throughout your branding efforts. Some services specialize in handling all of your company’s branding concerns. If you are a bottled water company, refer to a water bottle supplier which offers personalized labels and advertising techniques that will help you build awareness of your brand. Effective branding coupled with compelling and emotional stories will make your brand extremely memorable.


If you sell services, offering freemiums with credit can be a great way to build brand awareness. You can offer free versions of your service that offer some basic features (however, be sure to add some cool features as well) and ask your customers to upgrade. premium version for even cooler features. You can even create more than one package; for example, some website building websites offer a free basic plan, a standard paid plan, and then a higher one for business use where prices vary from plan to plan. You can also offer a customizable package where the customer adds and removes certain features at fixed prices. However, make sure that you are always offering something better than your competition so that your customers don’t abandon you for cheaper competitors.

Effective brand awareness strategies will help customers identify your brand and recognize its unique identity just by looking at the logo or hearing a brand term. Knowing when and where to advertise, defining an attractive and distinct brand identity, and delivering reliable, quality content are all ways that can help you build brand awareness. Staying consistent, making your customers feel valued, giving them extra perks are all key to attracting customers to your brand.

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