The NFL’s Top 7 Scorers of TDs, per Opportunity

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All NFL games are obviously won by points scored. And those points scored are largely influenced by how often a player touches football. The criteria for these rankings are derived from the last two seasons (since 2019). The total number of touchdowns by all qualified players is divided by the total number of touchdowns scored by said players. A minimum of 15 touchdowns in the last two seasons in total is the “threshold”. These are the first 7. Most are wide receivers due to the fact that they rarely touch the ball compared to running backs.

7. Marc Andrews (TE), Baltimore Ravens

1 TD every 7.17 keys

Andrews is arguably quarterback Lamar Jackson’s most reliable target. The tight game has won 17 touchdowns out of 122 touches since the dawn of Jackson’s MVP season. Andrews, 25, even reached a Pro Bowl in his second season (2019). Jackson and Andrews – a forfeit – ultimately left the schneid by winning a playoff game in 2020. The Ravens toppled the Tennessee Titans in the AFC Wildcard round during the pandemic season.

6. Marquise Brown (WR), Baltimore Ravens

1 TD every 6.91 contacts

Based on this duo, Lamar Jackson should be ready, right? No, most people still feel deprived of weapons. But when Hollywood gets the ball, he scores “usually”. Brown totaled 15 touchdowns in 105 touches – the second smallest touchdown total on this list. Now Brown will be joined by Sammy Watkins for 2021 as the Ravens have signed the former leader on the dotted line to fortify their receiving corps. Baltimore might even draft a rookie wide receiver. General Manager Eric DeCosta owns 27e overall pick in the April draft, which could be a hot spot for a player like Rashod Bateman or Rondale Moore.

5. Tyreek Hill (WR), Kansas City Chiefs

1 TD every 7.00 contacts

You knew the speed demon would make the cut. Hill scores effortlessly and with brute force quickness. It doesn’t hurt for Patrick Mahomes to throw the ball at him. Hill has 24 touchdowns in 166 touches since 2019. His 24 scores are more like a gross TD total than any other man in these rankings. The Chiefs will likely thrive in 2021, still on the steam after a bombing against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Super Bowl LV.

4. Mike Evans (WR), Tampa Bay Buccaneers

1 TD every 6.52 keys

Mike Evans has never had a bad season – ever. He has racked up over 1,000 yards per year in every season since joining the NFL in 2014. Over seven seasons, Evans is in charge of the 10e– highest number of yards received in history (8,266) for a player in his first seven respective seasons. Don’t look now – but Evans is also a Super Bowl champion. Brady, Evans and others were victorious in February over the aforementioned counts. Over the past two seasons, he’s registered 21 touchdowns on 137 touches.

3. AJ Brown (WR), Tennessee Titans

1 TD every 5.95 contacts

The Titans got an electric one with AJ Brown. He’s only been a member of the league for two seasons and has accounted for 19 touchdowns in 125 touches. And that’s inside a first-rate attack. When Brown hits football, long wins are normally entered. He’s averaged 17.4 yards per reception for his 30-game career. While the NFL is markedly different “these days,” its yard-per-catch totals are reminiscent of Randy Moss from 1998 and 1999. Brown’s career trend can only spiral, as long as Aries, Derrick Henry, keeps honest defenses from the start.

2. Adam Thielen (WR), Minnesota Vikings

1 TD every 5.28 keys

You already know the story. Thielen is not Assumed to be that good. He was auditioned by the Minnesota Vikings as a special teams scholar, but Thielen later determined he was too talented for that designation. His best career year came in 2018 – Kirk Cousins’ first year with the team – and Thielen really hasn’t slowed down since. The former Minnesota state student has won 21 touchdowns amid 111 touchdowns since 2019. Thielen will enter 2021 at the age of 31. Fortunately, Justin Jefferson, the top recruit, now resides in Minneapolis, freeing Thielen’s attention indefinitely.

1. Jared Cook (TE), Los Angeles Chargers

1 TD every 5.00 touches

It’s a slim sample size compared to its peers in these rankings, but Cook is leading the pack. Out of 80 touches, Cook scored 16 times. That’s 20% of all the times Cook’s fingers touch the ball – he scores six points. In the midst of a clearing spring, the New Orleans Saints said Sayonara to cook. The 34-year-old will unite with Justin Herbert and Keenan Allen in Los Angeles for 2021. Cook is a double Pro Bowler who simply finds the end zone.

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