Tim Tszyu TKO Dennis Hogan boxing

Dennis Hogan’s emotional trainer sought assurance from Australian boxing legend Barry Michael that he had done the right thing by throwing in the towel on Tim Tszyu, sealing a TKO loss in the fifth round.

Hogan was brutally dismantled by Tszyu in Newcastle on Wednesday night after four sets of painful gunfire.

He was abandoned by a left uppercut in the fifth round and coach Stephen Edwards threw in the towel soon after to save the Irishman from further damage.

Edwards was part of Jeff Horn’s corner when the former world champion was beaten by Tszyu last year, but his calls to end that fight were quashed by longtime Horn coach Glenn Rushton.

He clearly did the right thing by throwing in the towel for Hogan, but it was a tough decision nonetheless.

“Stephen Edwards, off camera, while Tim Tszyu was speaking in the ring, came to our commentary position and he was quite moved,” revealed Main Event presenter Warren Smith.

“He said, ‘Barry, please tell me I did the right thing. I have no doubt he did the right thing.”

Michael said: “He was very emotional, like you said he definitely did the right thing.

“Dennis Hogan, he was down, that uppercut almost took his head off, those body shots were tearing him apart.”

Tszyu was without excuse for the punishment inflicted on Hogan, having sent another impressive message to the boxing world.

The WBO’s No.1 contender is hoping to fight for his first world title.

“It’s not ticking, we’re not ballerinas here dancing. We’re hitting each other,” Tszyu said after the fight.

“I will do serious damage and hurt my opponents.

“In the ring, this is my kingdom and this is where I take control.

“I could see it [Hogan hurting from body shots] of the second round. I was only warming up. I could do another seven more laps at this pace or even more. “

Michael was very impressed with what Tszyu delivered.

“His punches are out of this world,” Michael said. “What he showed me is definitely world class.”

Tszyu improved to 18-0 and again cautioned the super welterweight division. It was his 14th KO / TKO victory.

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