Best Tools for 2021 Seattle Mariners Opening Day Roster

Ty France will challenge Mitch haniger for the best hitting tool and can hit more long balls than Kyle lewis.

Taylor Trammell is also a 60-year-old runner, but Haggerty could be closer to a 65, so he gets the nod.

Trammell projects like an above average glove further to the left, but in CF he’s average, maybe a little above, and his arm belongs to the left.

Justin dunnCactus League’s cursor would nod Justus sheffieldis with a longer track record.

On time, James paxtonthe cutter is a step further, as is Marco gonzales“.

Kendall graveman and Keynan Middleton throw a little harder, but Montero’s fastball has more efficient movement.

Drew steckenriderThe cursor blinks more and if it is more consistent it may overtake Middleton for the best cursor in the bullpen.

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Image courtesy of Keith Gillett / Icon Sportswire

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