The founder of Sahel Majali Mid Group presents the company

The Mid Group is a dynamic construction and subcontracting company founded in 2014 by Sahel Majali. Since its launch, the company has built a solid reputation as one of the UK’s top offsite construction companies. Sahel Majali Mid Group founder brought many years of experience in the construction and subcontracting industry to launching the business, much of which involved previous leadership roles. The Mid Group works with clients from all sectors of the industry, including partnerships with private developers and the public sector, always with the aim of maximizing the value and potential of each investment.

The Mid Group quickly established itself as a leading name in the UK construction industry. In nearly seven years in business, the company has received a number of awards and honors that attest to the quality of the services provided. These include the Construction Project of the Year, Best Use of Hybrid Technology, Contractor of the Year and Project / Construction Manager of the Year awards, all presented by organizations recognized in the industry. The Mid Group is ISO accredited, BIM level two accredited and a member of Build UK.

Commercial construction projects in which the Mid Group has been involved include several in the UK education sector. The Mid Group has been engaged by local authorities and educational service providers to carry out several innovative projects, including primary schools, high schools and academies. The Mid Group also worked with the NHS Trust at Brighton and Sussex University Hospital on the Brighton 3Ts project. This involved the generation of a virtual reality model of the hospital by Sterling BIM, one of the teams working within the Mid Group.

The middle group is made up of four companies within the group, each offering specialized expertise from an experienced and competent team. Sterling BIM provides building information modeling services to external clients and the entire middle group. Mid Contracting focuses exclusively on the contractual side of the business, supporting projects from concept to completion. Mid Consulting provides its clients with expert services in project management, business management, design management, cost management, program management and business structuring. Sterling Living works with property owners to maximize value, advising them on obtaining building permits, fundraising and other aspects of real estate development.

Under the leadership of Sahel Majali Mid Group tackles each new project using the appropriate modern and off-site construction methods, including the use of the latest technology through BIM services. This allows the company to deliver projects faster, safer and of higher quality than its competitors.

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