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As a way to foster a sense of community and engagement here on r / sports we decided to set up a discord server for our subscribers to chat any sport with many other users around the world!

You will be able to select which sports channels you are interested in and which ones to deactivate, as well as participate in general discussions of all kinds with other users.

We’ve set up channels for in-game chats, so if you ever need a place to chat about an event from around the world with other people right there with you, we hope this will be the place to be. to go!

As the server grows, we plan to configure other channels and add other goodies for users to enjoy.

Keep in mind that this is a brand new server so activity levels will be low at first, but the goal here is to have a moderately active server soon, and what better time to start only when we have nothing else to do since many of our favorite sports are on hiatus!

So come hang out and talk about anything (SFW only) with other sports fans, both hardcore and casual.

We appreciate all members who decide to join and hope you have fun!

Reddit Sports Discord Server

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