What Pros Wear: Opening Day Thread: Arenado in Red, Acuna, Yadi, Bryce

WPW was set to send a photographer to three different stadiums today, but we haven’t taken a peek, so it’s back to our roots of scouring the internet for any new puffs of loot. Please Comment / DM / Tweet if you see anything interesting there!

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Joc pedersonThe Rawlings glove represents the stars of Chicago, wasting no time getting attached to his new hometown.

Arenado in Cardinals, red is crazy when you think of how good the Cardinals are year after year – and now they have one of the best athletes in the game. He still has the Rawlings PRO12-6TI (a copy is available on Rawlings.com under the model name PRO206 for $ 380), showing a “JA” on the inscription … not to mention the Gargoyle scales (available for $ 69 on Amazon.com – limited inventory).

He looked very cold in his own, but got an RBI anyway. This furry thing from FOCO is the closest alternative I can find.

Ronald Acuna Jr. wears a new option from New Balance, and speculation is that these are the new 4040s. We have contacted New Balance for more information on this, but until we have an answer, you can Buy the 4040v5 available at Baseball Express for $ 66 +.

Bryce harper, normally one of the best dressed across the board in the game, flopped on opening day 2021 with these things. He had so many incredible Opening day crampons, including the The 2020s which featured thousands of Swarovski crystals:

… But my first instinct when I saw the 2021 cleats was “must be an April Fool’s Day”.

Clayton Kershaw’s “Skechers” cleat plate is just a renowned UA Ignite plate that he wore for most of his career:

Lots of UA Ignites on eBay.

Yadi gets into thin air as a catcher. Here are his Jordan 10 crampons for 2021:

Yadi is one of the best members of the Jordan brand on diamond, along with Dexter Fowler, who also worked on IG today:

And of course, Manny:

Going through @ machados13 / @mthomasphotos

While you don’t get that level of style and color, you can get the Jordan 10 cleat on Eastbay in football and baseball.

Going through @bryanhoch

Gerrit Cole (pictured here in Spring Training) made his debut in the Nike Alpha Huarache Pros, available at eBay.

Byron Buxton may have had the loudest bat and our favorite cleats of the day, although we haven’t really looked at them really well yet. He went over 460 down center in a pair of super sharp red Nike Alpha Huarache Elite 3 cleats (available on Eastbay).

What have we missed so far? We will keep updating as more and more swag arrives.

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