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AmplioSpeech offers a special education platform

The company has just raised $ 27 million.


Israeli startup AmplioSpeech has developed a digital platform that connects students, teachers and therapists with cutting edge technologies to help students with special needs. The company has raised $ 27 million in funding led by Quad Partners, a private equity firm focused on high-quality education businesses.

AmplioSpeech develops digital special education solutions that it says are designed to maximize student outcomes and empower students and their families, special educators, therapists and administrators. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP) and personalization algorithms, the results-driven digital platform measures and empowers student progress. The company says its blended learning model enables special education educators to deliver high-intensity interventions to more students, addressing the critical issue of learning loss at an accelerated pace.

We all know someone who has what is now called a special educational need. Otherwise, you know someone who has a child with special needs. Special needs may be dyslexia, attention deficit disorder, hearing problems, or being on the autism spectrum.

AmplioSpeech states that its mission is to improve the lives of all students with special academic needs.

The company says special educators save more time for clinical work by using the AmplioSpeech platform, as it streamlines planning and compliance reporting and provides automated documentation of student performance and progress. Directors of special education and administrators of schools, districts and states benefit from a 360-degree view of school compliance, learning times per student, progress reports and several other metrics .

AmplioSpeech also offers its own licensed professionals to fill the staffing gaps of many schools.

“Amplio uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to improve student outcomes in various areas of need – speech deficits, dyslexia and others,” said Dr. Yair Shapira, founder and CEO, who created it to help his stuttering son.

“Studies show that student progress is strongly correlated with the level of intensity of interventions. The Amplio platform provides individualized and results-oriented education for students so that they can achieve their goals and progress faster, especially in light of the learning loss accumulated during the pandemic, ”added Shapira.

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