Happy Birthday to me!

It’s amazing how a long time like 5 years goes by in the blink of an eye. Today this post celebrates the fifth anniversary of my blog. Looking back, I doubt I could have convinced my younger self that the blog I started would end up being a huge deal 5 years later. I remember being so uncertain about this idea, having a hard time convincing myself that it was okay to leave it in the corporate world and start exploring the world of fashion and travel from there. zero. Of course, quitting my job caused me some distress… but the thought of having a chance to do what I love (which I was excited about) was a rare opportunity that I knew I had to grab.

Urban Diaries quickly gained an important place in my life, and little by little you all became a part of my life too … from having a small circle of family and friends to acquiring my family from readers on my blog. To date this blog has received thousands of views from loyal readers and has collected social monitoring more than a lakh of users; he grew up enough to even attract the attention of the press, which allowed me to attend special events and take press trips. The past five years have without a doubt been the happiest times of my life and I look forward to many more exciting adventures!

Happy Birthday to me

Happy Birthday to me

Happy Birthday to me

I know you must be thinking that it’s easy for me to preach because I have already scored a certain level of success in the blogging world, but I know for a fact that hard work triumphs over all the shortcuts that can be done. take to achieve their goals. It was not easy, and here it will become more and more difficult. But your efforts will definitely pay off if you work hard and never give up on your end goal.

Remember one of those tricky business questions; where are you in the next five years? I never would have guessed in the slightest that I would be here to write this 5th anniversary blog. And there is no way to predict where I will be in the next 5 years as our end goal is constantly changing as we mature with our experiences. However, all we can do is keep moving forward and take risks while enjoying the trip.

This is my reason for encouraging you to take this step in your own journey, one step at a time. You are my virtual family and your support means the world to me and it is my will to do better than my self of yesterday. Likewise, try to find your own reader. The one that will motivate you to move forward. We might bump into each other someday, and I would be proud to call you as a virtual member of my family and be happy with your success.

To conclude: Do what your heart wishes, because thinking about the opinions of others will never make you successful. You might stumble but never fall into the pit of regret. So go out there and make your dreams come true. Believe me when I say this ~ if I can make it, so can you!

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