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There’s a storm coming It’s us that would do Selina kyle jealous. The impending storm involves a serious conversation between Randall and Kevin about race, childhood, and their future as brothers. But first coffee *.

I’m drinking coffee right now, so at the moment this phrase feels right to me even though it has nothing to do with This Is Us.

This Is Us Season 5 Episode 12 Recap: “Both Things Can Be True”

Madison and Toby Bond at the park

No bond is stronger than that of the Big Three. This is the Fort Knox of brotherly relations. Because of this, those looking outside end up bonding since they can’t join the exclusive club. We have seen the “Other Big 3”Forward link in a text string. Miguel, Beth and Toby can now add Madison to the group.

Madison and Toby spent time at the park with their children while Kevin worked on wedding plans and Kate started her new job at school. Madison and Toby keep secrets from loved ones. Madison wants a new wedding venue while Toby struggles with Kate’s job opportunity as he is now a stay-at-home dad.

Madison and Toby are in a rush to be honest with Kevin and Kate. Madison asks Kevin to change the wedding venue, and he relentlessly accepts. On the other hand, Toby doesn’t reveal his feelings about work after Kate shares her excitement about helping a young girl sing “I Could Have Dancing All Night” by My beautiful lady. I’ll give it a few episodes before Toby and Kate discuss their future.

Beth and Tess enter new territory

In Philadelphia, Beth nervously prepares for a “date” between Tess and her new friend (are they officially dating?), Alex. Beth questions Alex’s favorite pronouns and promises to accept Tess’ new relationship. Things were going well until Beth opened the door to Tess’ bedroom and found the duo huddled against the bed. After Beth asks Tess and Alex to study downstairs, Tess abruptly calls Beth a psychopath. Calling your mother a psychopath is a death sentence, so Beth asks Alex to leave. It begins an argument where Tess accuses Beth of “watching” when she saw Tess with another girl.

Beth takes some time to calm down and talk to her mother, Carol, about her own feelings for Tess and her future. Beth explains how she always dreamed of Tess dating boys and marrying a wonderful man, but would let that dream go in favor of what her daughter wants. In her mind, Beth thinks she’s given up on this dream, but Tess doesn’t want to at all. Carol describes how it’s not normal to let go of your thinking. Carol says Beth has to adjust to this new reality, connecting it to her relationship with her daughter and how she wasted 20 years holding onto false hopes. This is where I knew This Is Us was pulling our hearts out tonight.

Finally, Beth and Tess tried to work things out in their relationship. Tess is sad that Beth has to “try” in their relationship when Deja or Annie don’t. Beth swears they’re still close, but Tess doesn’t entirely agree with that notion. I applaud It’s us to make it a marathon and not a sprint. The show could have easily ended this argument after an episode, so I’m glad this topic and tension continues between Beth and Tess.

Miguel to the rescue

Is Miguel the nicest guy who ever existed? It’s us? Seriously, Miguel is such a good friend. When Jack decides to propose to Rebecca, Miguel helps his friend every step of the way. While practicing the proposition, Jack accidentally blocks the engagement ring on Miguel’s finger, causing it to get stuck.

As the men try to remove the ring, Rebecca’s father arrives to let Jack know that he will accept the proposal, but will not give Jack his blessing. Jack considers this a victory, but Miguel passionately defends Jack’s honor and praises his friend’s heroic qualities. Although he doesn’t say a word, Jack’s father seems to reconsider and offers to help remove the ring from Miguel’s finger.

In the present, Miguel is also in the moonlight as a wedding planner and meets Kevin to discuss the rehearsal dinner. Surprisingly, Uncle Nicky also wants to plan the wedding. Nicky clearly has an ulterior motive, and it is revealed when he shoots Miguel unnecessarily for marrying Rebecca after Jack’s death. It’s a huge low blow if you ask me. Miguel had every right to hit Nicky, but instead he takes the high road and explains how he thinks about what Jack would think of this wedding every day and how he’ll never get a chance to explain his reasons.

Later that night, Nicky calls Miguel to apologize for the insult. Once again, Miguel shows such restraint and forgives Nicky for the cheap blow. Miguel takes it a step further and tells Nicky that Jack has never completely excluded his brother from his life. In the past, Jack has asked Miguel to stand on the altar and say a few words at the front desk, but never said “Best Man,” as Miguel believes this place has always been Nicky’s.

I am still convinced Miguel will die at one point. I wrote this a few weeks ago.

Kevin and Randall get ready to talk

While Nicky and Miguel bicker, Kevin tries to muster the courage to ask Randall to be his witness. After trying to write an email, Kevin finally calls Randall and asks him to be his witness. To Kevin’s surprise, Randall happily accepts. When Kevin tries to talk to Randall about their childhood, Randall, who had an emotional day in therapy, walks by and says to do it another time.

However, Kevin wants to have “the conversation” in person and offers to visit Randall in Philadelphia. Randall accepts the proposal.

Next week the brothers will sit down and discuss their issues. It is long overdue.

Also, yell at Kevin’s exes, who read his engagement in the tabloids. I can’t wait for Sophie to show up and profess her love for Kevin.

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