PM asks CMs to focus on micro-containment areas and observe 3-day “ Tika Utsav ”

Prime Minister of India Thursday, said people became more relaxed during the second wave of which has spread across the country and urged chief ministers to step up efforts over the next 2-3 weeks to control the spread of the virus on a “war footing”.

In his virtual interaction with chief ministers to discuss the Covid-19 situation and the ongoing vaccination campaign, Modi said the country has many more resources to fight the virus than before and that the emphasis should be placed on micro-containment areas.

“There is a need to improve the governance system. I understand that due to the one-year battle, the system may experience fatigue and there may be laxity, but we have to tighten it for 2-3 weeks and strengthen governance, ”he told me.

This time, we should focus on micro-containment zones, the prime minister said after his meeting with all CMs to take stock of the Covid situation in the country.

“It is clear that we have a difficult situation. We need strict governance for 2 to 3 weeks. India has passed the peak of the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic and the situation is very grim in some states”, Modi said.

“It is necessary to work again on a war footing to fight Covid-19. Despite all the challenges, we have better experience, resources and vaccines,” Modi added.

He also rejected the “intellectual debate” on Only having effect at night and said such a curfew helps raise awareness of the deadly virus with minimal impact on people’s daily lives.

The nighttime curfew has been imposed by the local administration in several locations, including Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, Lucknow and other parts of the country amid a spike in COVID-19 cases.

“Some people have this intellectual debate that only come at night ”. In reality, the global nighttime curfew has been an accepted experience because everyone during the curfew hour remembers that I live in the Corona days and the way of life is not affected in one. to a large extent, ”he said.

“We need to focus on the micro-containment areas. In places where the nighttime curfew has been imposed, I strongly advise you to use the word”curfew ”, to remain vigilant It will be better to start the curfew from 9pm or 10pm to 5am or 6am, ”PM Modi said.

To push the vaccination, PM Modi called for the three-day ‘Tika Utsav’ (vaccination festival) observation between April 11 and April 14 to hit as many eligible people as possible.

Modi focused on ‘Test, Track, Treat’, appropriate behavior for Covid and managing Covid to contain the pandemic.

Along with public participation, our hard-working doctors and caregivers have been very helpful in handling the situation and continue to do so, he said.

“With the administration appearing lax in many states, the increase in cases has increased the problems. To stop the spread of the virus, it is necessary to work on a war footing,” he said.

“I urge you all to insist on the Covid-19 test. Our goal is to do 70% RT-PCR tests. Let the number of positive cases increase, but do as much as possible. Correct sample collection is very important. importantly, it can be verified through good governance, ”Modi said.

“We have to fight the second wave of cases. Many states, including Maharashtra, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh and Punjab, have passed the first peak wave in Covid-19 cases. It is a serious concern. People have become complacent. relax, ”PM added.

India’s vaccination criteria are no different from those applied by most prosperous countries, we will have to prioritize, Modi said.

“Those who want to be in politics can do it, I don’t want to talk about that. We should work together to defeat the pandemic, ”Prime Minister Modi said at a time when some non-BJP state governments accused the Center of partisanship in vaccine distribution.

Modi suggested multistakeholder meetings in states, involving governors, celebrities and other high profile people to promote appropriate behavior at Covid.

India has witnessed an alarming spike in daily coronavirus infections, and on Thursday the country saw a single-day record high of 126,789 new cases, bringing its total to 12,928,574, while the number of active cases also increased. again the 900,000 mark.

States like Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh have announced weekend closures to contain the second wave of infections, which experts say will spread faster. Other states, for now, have stayed away from lockdowns, but have tightened restrictions, placing limits on movement of people, public gatherings and cinemas.

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