Business center ‘The healthiest place in the world to work’

The return to indoor workplaces has been a source of serious concern around the world since the onset of the covid-19 pandemic.

The virus spreads much more easily indoors and since most companies work within these limits, a large-scale solution has been sought.

It seems that Olivia Business Center in Gdansk, Poland has found the answer.

An audit by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) gave the center the highest possible score.

The audit included tests of the safety and comfort of the hosts and tenants of the center.

Rachel Gordon, CEO of IWBI, spoke about the importance of security during the Covid era, saying: “Our certification is based on the knowledge of nearly 600 virologists, government officials, scientists, business leaders, architects, designers, construction scientists and real estate professionals, as well as the WELL building standard – the world’s leading platform for the development of healthy buildings and spaces.

The Gdansk Business Center, which is Poland’s largest business center, received the highest rating available in the audit.

This has undoubtedly been aided by the implementation of ionic air purification technology, which, according to a statement, is also in use at the White House, the Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi, and Gulfstream private jets.

The Olive Business Center is the first place of its kind to implement this type of technology.

The statement added that this “process of air purification is constant and continuous, even with people inside, so that the fight against pathogens begins as soon as they appear.”

It is hoped that with this new classification, life and work will be more like they were in pre-covid times in the business center and that other places of congregation can follow suit by emphasizing this technology is implemented.

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