Pharmacist strives to heal the world with kindness

Meet Allie Xu, podcaster, expert Chinese medicine practitioner, pharmacist and founder of Global Pharmacy Entrepreneurs. She is one of those exceptionally charming people who really thinks of others before they think of herself. Make no mistake, she’s learned to set boundaries over the years because she had to – but in doing so, she opened up her thinking so that she was no longer constrained. Xu no longer thinks small. His grand vision of uniting pharmacists and healthcare workers around a platform of humanity and kindness resonates with people around the world.

We want to bring all healthcare together with creatives and education around empathy, connection and openness to collaborate for the betterment of people. We have so much knowledge and education in some parts of the world, but we have to bring it to everyone in the world.

Allie Xu, Founder of Global Pharmacy Entrepreneurs and Unicorn Fart Media

Xu acknowledges that Australia, where she has lived since emigrating there as a teenager from China, is way ahead of other countries when it comes to dealing with the devastation inflicted by COVID, but it’s not. is not out of the woods. She is very sensitive to the level of stress among healthcare workers around the world; everyone is emotionally and physically exhausted after caring for so many patients for so long. “The health care system has been so overwhelmed that doctors can no longer provide the same level of care,” Xu said. “If we invested more in prevention, we would have more time to treat the sick.”

When asked for her best advice for the next generation of women in STEM, Xu offered this, “It takes a lot of courage to speak up and that’s when you start to release the emotions that you hold onto. inside. Be authentic, be true to yourself and to your own journey. Self-love and self-care are so important that you need to listen to this little girl’s voice, nurture and protect her.

Tune in to the Grit Daily Like a Boss podcast to hear Allie Xu share her vision and express her vulnerability as a courageous leader.

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