Roger Duffield: Providing Valuable Information to Customers

Roger Duffield is the President of in2vate LLC® and has extensive insurance experience as well as excellent communication and vision. Roger has a proven track record of implementing a long-term vision and integrating technology to improve insurance requirements. in2vate is a leading edge technology and training risk management company focused on reducing risk and improving the insurance process. Roger was president of in2vate for 8 years and prior to that he was a senior executive of several large insurance providers. “Roger’s goal is to provide the best quality of service to its customers.” – Dr. Jennifer Beaman Cohea, Executive Leadership Coach and Trainer at the Forbes Knowledge Innovation Center and Forbes School of Business and Technology.

Story inside

It was in the early 1990s that Roger Duffield began leveraging technology to improve the effectiveness of departmental reporting requirements. He achieved this by collecting claims settlement data to train adjusters and this evolved as he moved into a risk management role where he was tasked with modernizing a national service. risk management focused on service and claims reduction. It was around this time that Roger was introduced to in2vate®, as a customer. He saw the organization as very progressive and knew he would like to work there. “I certainly did not know that 16 years later I would become president of in2vate!Roger said.

As it started with in2vate® he found that there were a lot of things to work with; the team had a solid mission and a good technological base, but the technology was sold as a one-stop solution, mostly personalized for each client. Once again, Roger’s role was to transform the business and he was more than happy to be in this role.

As president of in2vate®, its primary objective is to ensure operational excellence, while providing a clear vision to the company and to customers. From a practical point of view, the purpose of the organization has been clear; integrate the various solutions of the company into a streamlined process and simplify all aspects of the system. in2vate® has technology capable of collecting information on risks, comparing each client to its peer group, identifying outliers, automating action plans and having a management system robust learning. in2vate provides content on employment practices, sexual abuse prevention and workplace safety.

Simplify risk management

There has been a seismic shift in power from the insurance provider to the consumer. While price remains the primary concern, the expectation of delivering an exceptional user experience through digital channels is essential in the contemporary insurance landscape. Consumers expect information and services to be on-demand and delivered in a transparent manner. It’s very difficult to do with the old systems.

When we think of risk management, we think of reducing an insurer’s claims while reducing the overall risk to the policyholder. From in2vate®, the company believes that there is complete alignment between the carrier and the consumer on this matter. Less losses mean lower premiums. Its risk assessment technology allows data to be collected once and shared throughout the value chain. In doing so, there is an opportunity for a more intentional allocation of resources. – Gordon Padera, Executive Vice President-Consulting, Gallagher Bassett commented: “A partnership with in2vate® provides customers with insightful content, strategically delivered to control and mitigate losses ”.

Dedication in changing times

Regardless of the industry, almost all day-to-day operations have changed due to the pandemic. However, thanks to technology, many companies that operated in person have found that work can be continued remotely, often with improved efficiency.

This has enabled in2vate customers to step out of their comfort zone and enter the world of a digital ecosystem of services. This digital ecosystem improves the user experience for the modern consumer while increasing operational efficiency. This change unlocks unblocked data flows that support core processes and identifies additional trends and opportunities.

While this transition was not easy, it has proven to be a great opportunity in the information and data management industries.

Ask the expert

One of the most important things that in2vate® brings to his clients is that he is above all an expert in the industry. This provides a huge advantage when the first time working with a client, the company seeks to understand its goals and processes. With this information, he can minimize disruption to his customers’ ecosystems. Second, in2vate’s technical experience and industry knowledge has made it possible to deliver custom solutions without the cost of custom technology. Paul Doman, Director of Loss Control, Nationwide® shared “Working with in2vate® was very refreshing! Roger and his team have extensive business knowledge and use it to create first-class tools that can be used by a variety of clients ”.

Develop new technological solutions

in2vate® understands that investing in technology is a big decision. Organizations think they don’t have the time, resources, or organizational support they need to implement new technology. The company’s approach is to lower the bar of entry and only pay for what is used. Of course there are constraints, but in2vate® works with clients to integrate them. “In2vate listened carefully to our needs and our goal of helping us build a truly personalized risk management solution for our members.” – Tim Conlon, director of the property and casualty insurance program.

The business needs to recognize that every customer starts at a different point: Tools and services often start as a customer-facing learning management system (LMS), or a strategic service aimed at reducing complaints. As the team works more closely with its clients, they begin to benefit from other complementary services. All of this can be accomplished without changing the underlying technology of the clients.

Help protect minors

In the late 1990s, in2vate® began working with the church sector to develop technology to reduce the administrative burden of documenting child sexual abuse prevention training. The company has created a program called Smarter Adults-Safer Children®. This program combines a variety of educational materials, policies and the use of technology to help protect minors from sexual abuse in youth-serving organizations.

This work began before the world realized the magnitude of this situation. At the heart of awareness training, it focuses on grooming, boundaries and the importance of reporting inappropriate behavior. Throughout the year, in2vate® offers free webinars using subject matter experts to help administrators improve their overall strategies to protect minors from abuse.

Efforts supported by no other company

Human resources and compliance are often separate roles in an organization, and they have very different missions when it comes to managing the people and data of an organization, often requiring multiple systems. The two groups manage risk, they just take different approaches and in2vate’s technology brings these two groups together through a platform where data is centralized.

in2vate recently partnered with iLearningEngines, a global provider of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). Their mission is to use data and learning to improve results, which fits perfectly with in2vate’s mission. By adding machine learning and AI with in2vate technology, customers will be able to automate even more processes along the value chain. This in turn will provide better results and better customer retention.

With this partnership, the company expects these offerings to extend well beyond the United States, providing its customers with a major strategic advantage by improving resource allocation, operational efficiency and data flows. to support decision making by all relevant stakeholders. By extending its technology to include machine learning and AI, in2vate® hopes to expand the reach of its Smarter Adults Safer Children program, keeping children safe everywhere.

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