Congress accuses Modi government of colossal mismanagement of COVID-19 crisis

Congress accused the government of failing to provide sufficient funds to state governments waging war on two fronts despite the accumulation of hundreds of crore rupees in the PM CARES fund

The executive committee of the opposition Indian National Congress party, the Congressional Working Committee (CWC), has accused the Narendra Modi government of colossal mismanagement of the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. He said that despite sufficient warnings from experts and examples from several countries in Europe and Southeast Asia, the government has failed to prepare to deal with the second wave of the pandemic.

The CWC said the government had failed to raise sufficient public awareness that a declining pandemic could be a precursor to a second wave that could be more devastating than the first wave. and failed to rapidly scale up the production and supply of the two approved vaccines in India by providing sufficient funds and other concessions where appropriate. The CWC, in an April 17 statement, said the Modi government also did not resort to compulsory licensing and production of the two approved vaccines at other pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities in India and did not universalized vaccination after health workers and frontline workers were vaccinated in phase I.

Congress also accused the government of failing to provide sufficient funds to “ state governments waging a two-pronged war – one against the pandemic and the other against the economic recession – despite the accumulation of hundreds rupee crores in the PM-CARES opaque fund ”.

The committee observed that the government should have allowed state governments and public and private hospitals to manage the deployment of the vaccine. It has failed to prevent, or at least minimize, the waste of vaccine doses which today amount to more than 23 lakh; failed to maintain the scale and momentum of testing, tracking and screening of infected people and their contacts; did not grant emergency use approval to other vaccines that had been approved in the United States, United Kingdom, European Union and Japan and did not authorize importation other approved vaccines made in other countries to increase vaccine supply The committee also blamed the government for not adopting a fair and equitable distribution of vaccine doses among different states.

<< Nous regrettons de dire que la nation paie un prix très élevé pour la légèreté et le manque de préparation du gouvernement de la NDA à faire face à la plus grave catastrophe qui a frappé le pays et qui a touché des millions de familles, faisant 1 75 673 morts à ce jour. honte que le pays doté de la plus grande capacité de fabrication de vaccins au monde ait mérité l’odieux d’être parmi les pays les plus touchés au monde. Le cœur lourd, nous avertissons la population qu’à moins que des mesures correctives urgentes ne soient prises, la nation est confrontée à une catastrophe sans précédent. >> the committee concluded.

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